“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ymca Huntington boston under big construction using this system in building/malecentric America

Yesterday, YMCA on Huntington in Boston.

Workmen doing constructon. Always feel interfaced there. In morning get harassed by older ladies attending classes there.  "Its like when u get in trouble for something and have to keep paying for it from now on." And being fake nice to me "i feel bad u have to sit in front of the shower to get dressed." I thought women  like that went out with the 1950s.  Its like that movie The Women with really old ladies jn the YMCA ladies locker room.

I actually caught some light skinned dark lady washing and messing around the sink a long time but looking and watching/listening to me in my shower stall. I often can sense people spying nowadwys  and sure enough she was doing just that. She hung her head shamefully when i caught her.

The locker room always gets very busy after i get there.  Women in there usually young clean cut women are always watching me and i am often made to feel uncomfortable but its mild. Yet constant enough to be effective in keeping me down psychologically.

When the male workmen came in yesterday to do something in the roof of women's locker room, THE INTERFACE STOPPED.

I felt a very positive vibe, very connected to them, their trade and the malecetricism that goes with it.

I realized that America will always be about supporting malecentric businesses like pro sports, military, constructon etc AND IS USING THESE TECHNOLOGIES IN ORDER TO ENSURE FEMININE INFLUENCES DONT INTERFERE like female grpups, professions or even the arts.

And getting outnof the country is the only way to be safe and thrive.