“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, September 3, 2012

Why Is It A Big Deal To Travel To The North Shore To Get One Item Only Available There??

Sheesh. All I wanted was this one sweatshirt hoodie that i needed to pick up in that particular store location becuz local stores didnt have it due to students returning. It is real long on me and after years of hoodies that ride up on my back when i am outside somewhere and cold this appealed to me. And itnactually looks good as now Ive gained weight per usial being in MA. And its the ONLY jacket i will wear and own for likely a year or two at the least. Might  as well get something specific u really like. How often do most Westerners buy a new jacket and how many do they own? Hmph I think i do pretty well livng below the poverty line. Amd I am not shy about panhandling or getting something from a shelter. Most people couldnt pull this off, I know that. I am not most people and this is my job. Not anyone elses. No matter.how many people do not take anything i write seriously, its not my concern. I am supposed to write that book and anyone interested can read it or not its not my concern as to what people do with the info after that. The fact that any part of humanity doesnt take non lethal weapons, HAARP or any of this seriously is insane enough on their part--who CARES what those people think. And I am trying to buy a pocket atlas. Found one once in Cuba NM gas station but cant seem to locate one in any bookstores I come across. I know one day soon I might ditch this phone or not have GPS. Screw tech. Besides, my new companion needs to learn to use a compass and maps. Everyone should know how and people should know how to do thjngs manually.