“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Attempt At Possible NLP Out In Harvard While Resting

Went to sleep waiting for my friend whos my sleep companion.

This older guy whos new out here seems interesting to talk to so I tell my younger acquaintance so, they start conversation. I begin falling asleep mostly due to taking two Benadryls from eating something i had slight allergic reaction to.

As i begin lulling off their conversation turns to the young female saying sanity is relative and how does one define it?

This was harmless enough. The older man then turns the conversation more specific by saying that some people out here are nice but they see things in patterns. The mind making things into patterns, that its fun for the human mind to do this. He weaves his words carefully as the educated do and she simply starts bringing up paranoia.  You could tell from her voice that she is doing so in response to his SUGGESTION, that she wants to fit in, be accepted. Early on in the exchange she disagreed with him on something and he responded with firm but subtle pressure to disagree, mostly to push his point through. She argued like 21 year olds do with vigor and speed. It was about the text book definition of insanitary originally. She claimed it was doing the same thing repeatedly expexting different results. He responded that it was not the TEXT BOOK definition. Personally it sounded like someone raised in the system repeating it's recovery culture phrases talking to a psuedo intellectual. Lol.

He claimed that definition was just a  joke. He used) the term "we". We use it as a joke. Never a good sign in an arguement or discussion.

So by the end of his leading the content of conversation to vaguely talk about specific paranoids out here who see things in patterns she was agreeing and finally simply referred to it as paranoia.

One has to remember alot of men who are homeless are child molesters. Sex offenders especially pedos are extremely good at manipulation especially of the mind and in controlling conversations or situations.

Also one has to remember that anyone who worships the Harvard/MIT elitist culture even if its the Leftist end of it is going to be in on Cambridge and the elite school's dirty little secret of gang stalking and probabky any involvement in classified projects like MK Ultra etc.

All I know is documentation proves Harvard and MIT were funded to be part of unethical human experimentation. I also know that no such documentstion exists that labels me insane, mentally ill or paranoid. I also make sure i dont talk about my activism out here.

Its also well known that the Cambridge cops ars crooked, like taking payoffs from people like my former friend and career criminal, as well as people out here are often in trouble with the law, have substance abuse issues etc etc. 

I cannot afford to let anyone change my mind from what I know to be true. Unlike my young friend, being accepted is not so important as to deny the truth. She as well as many others out here  probably doesnt even know any better.

It ALL sounds like paranoia if one isnt properly associated with the subject matter.

And how clever to have such a conversation around a person who is juuuust entering sleep, perhaps still able to hear the conversation, perhaps subconsciously.

Why its enough to make a person paranoid. Lol.

I know damn well the entire city of Cambridge and surrounding areas especially places like Brighton KNOWS what went on. A great majority of people here know what they did and whats been done to me.

Its a little game we play each day and the perps give me  continued demotivational tactics daily to try to keep me under control  for another day so no lawyers get contscted nor the book gets worked on.

I ignore them along with all the doubters out here who are either jealous, sexist, pedos or in with crooked cops or will do anything to protect their beloved elitist universities and the hospitals connected to them, most major research hospitals for the USA.

I still enjoy my young friend's company but the fact remains none of the people I meet traveling or squatting are connected to my dealing with the issues surrounding my mother's documented connection to MK Ultra.

The system thinks it can cover up what its done to me forever.

Good luck with that.