“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, September 3, 2012

One Clear Normal Day On Holidays Is Not Enough To Get Anything Done Or Repair Health Damage Fully

MIT has made their Athena computers for login only now. I depended on them to work when libraries were closed. I guess they didn't appreciate my using their computers to expose alot of GS that involves them. Cant blame them I suppose.

All around things are getting cut off and houseless or poor people are having access closed to us, even in places that used to be Liberal.

Its very scary. It seems like the system and the public want to isolate themselves from  any and all social ills rather than live among them.  Many people realize dissidents are being targeted but it depends on if they approve of that or not-perhaps they would go  along with it anyway. Everyone else is just buying into the hate and scapegoating of such social problems and becuz they cant or wont control the banks, govt, private sector etc they can at least feel they can control something wrong with the world. Many truly believe in the NWO deception, that it will create a better world.

Its unthinkable that many people seem to want me to just forget about what happened and get a job. Its really irresponsible and demented.

Ive had to learn the hard way that America has become very sick and demented generally. And theres no recovery from this in sight. The public wil seek to isolate themselves more and more from reality instead of fixing whats wrong and returning to nature and normalcy.

Theyve got the public completely under control now. I wouldnt be surprised if some sort of mark of the beast type scenerio were to take place soon, minus the religious drama of course, but yes-something where you can only b par of society then if you take on a tag of some sort. Since the public doesnt realize whats wrong even now or are in agreement with whats  going on, they probably will be very easy to convince of something like this.

I am basically being given the ideation that America is hopeless and I can never get justice here or even a moments peace so I should now go overseas. That soon America will change even more drastically and people like me will be more marginalized and shunned by society.

To me this means Romney will get elected. Yet these changes over this year indicate that if Obama is re elected then there will be new changes for his second term like these. Same happened with Clinton. His second term was so obviously simply getting ready for Bush and 9-11.  Clinton's administration started pulling alot of things out from under us then. Since 1995 it seemed.

The mainstream public have always sucked in many ways to people who are naturally alternative. But part of the freedom of America was that there were places to hide from them and their horrid culture. 

Our country has now made it impossible to afford to live or find alternative culture if that is what one gravitates to. It shouldn't be that only the rich get to  escape the mainstream.

Now you've got an entire generstion of people who actually firmly believe that rebellion against the system as its laid out by authority is either mental illness or terrorism.  The situation is impossible.

In the past year the targeting of me and/or circumstances I have  to live in have made me physically ill and unable to express myself properly, work on my book or even seek proper health  care.

I guess no one in America cares about an older woman who is dirt poor with no children who has alot to say about high level corruption.

If America wanted to change they would have by now. Thats the point. They havent, so they are hopeless.

Whats amazing to me is I am being totally shut out now and not even allowed to get lawyers to sue and get justice for what IS believable.

They kept me from going to authorities or lawyers in the beginning when I could have gotten help and when it would have been very incriminating to them especially locally during the federal investigation and now its probably  too late.

Remember though part of Mind War as in psy ops is to make the enemy think the war is already lost. Or that the other side has already won. I mght have legal recourse still but I am being controlled and blocked so hard and constant that I cant seek help at all  now. Just months ago I at least wouldve been capable of getting a lawyer to speak to. Now I cant even function normally or express myself truthfully. Notice how now the content of my writing consists of bitching about blacks and Jews (Mel Gibson got targeted after going up against the Massachusetts miltary indusrial complex also its suspected with a derogatory movie he made.) and ranting hateful remarks about America.

Its all to get me to leave the US and go to Europe whwre then I will probabky be framed up as a terrorist or something else.

Also everyone knows Ive been kept ignorant all my life  and dont really understand my legal rights or how to defend myself or where or how to seek help. I keep thinking about getting a lawyer but dont understand how to find one or how to find out who to trust with multiple subject matter involved. (Local crooked cops, organized crime and the higher up stuff-whos going to help ME and not the more powerful bad guys??).

None of it makes sense or seems possible. This is why I just want to tell everything in my book instead. At least then everyone who cares to know can see all the info right in front of them.  Its the next best thing to getting actual justice through the courts. I dont even think such a thing is  possible.

No one cares anyway. Everyone  seems to  want  things to have the outcome that is right now. When enough humans agree on a reality it becomes real even if its totally wrong, unjust, lies or destructive to humanity. Just look at religion-any god(s) that ever existed only  did so becuz human beings believed in them.

This is where the public mob get alot of their power  from even if its not consciously known to them-human mental or psychic powers. When working collectively humans can manifest many things or alter reality...and unfortunately steamroll over one truthful person's testimony. The powers that be use this power  of humans to their own advantage for their own agenda, which is why its so important to deny such a thing exists and have people involved in either religion or psychiatry. Note that psychiatry will not mess with religious belief even though it meets all the criteria for mental 'disorders'. (Also largely bullshit).

Ive noticed that PTSD is labeled a 'disorder'. Which is incorrect. If the human mind or body responds to life lived in this way then NATURE wired us this way and there is nothing DISorderly about it. It surely becomes inconvenient to social order and order of things back in the civiized world. If you dont want shell shock or reactions of trauma from people being in wars then stop having wars. Labeling this a disorder means its inconvenient to a false man made reality where people dont want to have the reality of war included in their daily lives.

More bullshit more lies more deceptions.

Its obvious that I am being so heavily targeted that my health is suffering severely now and I am incapable of doing anything other than rant and be obnoxious on these blogs. I try to keep OnGangStalking just informative but thats hard now too.

I am genuinely made into A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSON  than who I really am by being targeted and harassed daily. What do I do now?

Over the past few months Ive become genuinely confused about what the right thing to do is. It keeps occuring to me that leaving the country is the only way out.