“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Found Funny Sheen Put Down In Researching Other Blog: What Do Norwegians Think of Sheen's BS?'

Oh, here is a great Charlie Sheen put down by a blog called Ask A Norwegian that I found comforting. I am glad somewhere in the world, someone has the sense and taste to find Two and a Half Men mediocre and boring.
I was on this:

Found this:
"Lise asks: "What do Norwegians think of Charlie Sheen's latest outbursts and shenanigans?"

Should I write the man and tell him exactly who someone like Sheen, sucking as he does, gets sweet gigs it obviously makes no sense for him to have or even be considered for? That doing media psy ops basically- or whatever the designers tell any of these troll gremlins to do to monkey with people's lives.
No, the Norseman thinks 9-11 Truthers are sick....so forget it.

Hmm, to sensible for conspiracy theories but hates bullshit American culture. Should I move there when I leave the States?

I dont mind walking around the country in my backpack, but I dont think I can spend hours just trying to get the water going or taking cold showers. It sounds like Vermont :p
I can just see me dropping my smart phone into the outhouse toilet or some city girl screw up like that.

And there are enough status conscious, well to do snobs right here in Boston doing stupid shit like forced excersise, which firstly makes no sense in your twenties anyway and secondly rarely works in your 40's except for the most determined, self possessed, disciplined individuals alive. I watch them look out the windows of the health clubs walking nowhere on tred mills while I simply walk everywhere and carry my alot of my stuff on my back to avoid becoming a heffer like my mother.
I do want more of these put downs of American culture. Its so horrible when you speak of a show like that to most Americans and they coo that they love it and.."Its great!". Its no wonder I feel so stateless and displaced. So foreign.
I always have but years ago there were places to hide from the mainstream culture and people and you werent considered a terrorist if you disliked American anything or everything. Also years ago, mainstream people were content to be...squares we used to call it. Uncool. Now since 96 they stole all our clothes and sport goatees and take thier Harley's out on weekends and wear fetish gear in broad daylight, and of course its trendy to think you are Satan's minion now. Perhaps his corporate minion. And those weekend warriors actually believe the are superior due to the fact they can afford more, which somehow now equates thier level of cool instead of thier level of being fake and plastic.

What they have done it simply make being plastic much more exciting and edgy and make it unaffordable for anyone to live outside the system as a true rebel. So anyone truly cool 20 years ago is probably homeless by now and the assholes are in charge of terminal cool, all the while being as 'straight' as ever. They think becuz they took on all sorts of vices or looks or beliefs that are edgy or dark that makes them 'cool'.

When you have tattoes that either end on your wrist or your short sleeve shirt arm line I KNOW YOU ARE NOT COMMITTED. That includes daring to get tattoes only AFTER they had a procedure for removal.

But as usual with the mob as long as they agree they are cool, then it is law. It is so.

It sounds like the asshole plastic people are world wide. Like you cant get away from them. Perhaps its a gene. I always thought Republicanism was genetic in part. They sort of have some similar features and characteristics even if they are of differing race, etc.

The trendy asshole gene as opposed to...whatever people like me are. Perhaps the answers can someday be found in the double helixes and then we can map out who is who and stay the f*ck away from each other- maybe that will create world peace. Becuz as it is now, its like the powers that be and thier sheep are trying to squeeze us not into reservations but off the face of the earth.
And it sucks. Perhaps there is someplace on this earth to hide from this, its nowhere in the USA I can tell you that.