“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Working On My White Empowerment Blog Brings Me Back To The NWO Deceptions

I was doing research for my blog, the one where I am trying to deal with my issues caused very much by the racism here in the USA, specifically the northeast, the midwest and certainly SoCal but also due to being a TI and so many African Americans are in on 'gang stalking', either becuz they are intergenerational COINTELPRO agent types or part of some recent recruitment to the parties involved in putting forth legions of humans nationwide for such campaigns. Private black ops contractors, the military psy ops units, that intelligence agency with three initials that if I print it here I will immediately be perceived as paranoid- etc.

Blacks just take way too much pride and too much satisfaction in gang stalking people. Whites tend to exude a hatred thats cold or based in insecurities. It must be remembered that many blacks will percieve of doing The Man's dirty work as part of making progress for them and theirs as well as in thier warped perceptions due to years of slavery and abuse- they are somehow getting back at Whitey for destroying a talented, pretty white female, even though I am dirt poor and hated by the elite anyway.

For these reasons, blacks make the most herendous house slaves ever. And after years of this especially being from a racial war zone with alot of arrogant, spoiled blacks in Boston to begin with- I have become much more racialist and very bitter whereas I was not this way before. But, this is the dark side of the African American community and its part of what they feel they must do to make it in this country and internationally.

Its also very much part of the NWO to create a false 'world peace' which will include a forced and false 'racial harmony' which is nothing more than forcing people to behave a certain way to get a desired result, which is part of enslavement. If people are herded or forced to act by designs instead of free Will and free association, its not harmony or peace- its slavery.

Sick people like this first poster in this thread represent the NWO nightmare to achieve 'peace' at the cost of autonomy, privacy and free Will, as well as RESPECT for people's cultures, ancestry and the wonderful differences that make us beautiful human beings. Anyone wanting to create a world of people who are mixed by propaganda and psychological manipulation HAVE SOME OTHER MOTIVE FOR THIER AGENDA THAN PEACE AND HARMONY.
Look at this, he's sick:

People like that are the ultimate racists themselves and its born of either deep insecurity or thier want and need to dominate others which is what supremacists and racists do! People like this are simply 'People of Color Supremacists'. Note how he cant resist equating his Master Race with Egypt, instead of being proud of his own people's culture and leaving the Egyptians their own heritage.

And these people actually do not care that sub Saharan and western Africans are just a part of Africa as well as Asians have alot in common with the indigenous peoples of the world as well as 'whites' such as Russians, Finns etc.

Becuz just like AfroCentrics, 'People of Color Supremacists' like all racists, LIE. They are deceivers and they make Hitler's dream of a supreme Master Race look like a walk in the park. Why? BECUZ UNLIKE HITLER THESE PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY SUCCEEDING IN THIER GOALS, becuz they have used deception as opposed to war and strong arm tactics. I mean war and terrorism have been utilized to destabilize people psychologically so they can promise 'peace' from destroying cultures other than thier own (which they dont seem to attached to anyway).

In this blog I am also trying to show that all genetics are important. And that genticists are proving and creating various theories- each serving to find new information as they often conflict with one another-that show that humans are set up much differently than our cultures and world views tell us we are.

Its not hard for me becuz I am extremely intuitive and as a visual artist by birth I can keep human features like drawings mentally and compare them as I do constantly on an subconscious level. I also am very natural. Being isolated much from the way the 'real world' worked for so many years as well as never being baptized into a religion as well as having many times being removed from my biological family to go live with strangers, moving around alot etc I seem to have a keen sense of genetics from just looking at people or rather interacting with them.

I am doing a piece on...and some people are not going to like this- to show that Hitler's theory of a pure Nordic race was incorrect. Due to the presence of the Sami peoples in Scandinavia as well as genetics are showing that peoples moved differently globally than previously understood.

I read through many studies and people would argue that Sammis were not Asian etc etc. Yet, looking at them, its plain to see especailly from historical pictures and from modern ones of mixed Sammis that they resemble our Native Americans.
As well as they certainly look like my ancestors in Lithuania and that area. Even there is some ghost of a shadow of the Russian Kusaks.

I grew up with foster family and the father was from what we call 'hillbilly' stock. Many hillbillies have Native features, its plain as day. Some of the Sammis resembled the children of this family I grew up with. Its slight but its there.

Genetic research is something I am not against in the sciences becuz it doesnt seem like they are using the results to manipulate people into the NWO or brain wash them as much as other science is being put out as pop culture or bits of news for average people to consume. The problem is that this belief system in cultural diversity and all the NWO dis-information is not being countered by genetic research.

There are actually acedemic types who will claim there is no such thing as 'race' in the interest of this PC diversity. Interestingly, while PC Diversity Equality is marketed as a cure all to everything from White Supremacy to Hitler's actions, it has actually created nothing but ANOTHER insane group of people who want to see a 'race' or master race created to inhabit a perfect world. ITS THE SAME EXACT INSANE DREAM. This is what brain washing does to humans. People dont realize they are under mind control. Its hopeless until they break from it and understand reason over belief.

As long as racism is touted as the ultimate evil instead of a natural human reaction for survival, self defense or human's natural tendency to want to dominate other humans- the REACTIONARY belief system will be used to manipulate humans world wide as it has become now a dominant theme in western culture. Its seen as the right thing to do or to do good. Becuz its percieved as a countering of racism and all the evils of civilization.

Which of course is total bullshit. But thats what brainwashing is- usually there is a cult leader with great talents akin to an illusionist. And bullshit becomes a reality that people live and believe in.

I appreciate genetic research into population ancestry becuz it lines up with alot of my own observations based on research or intuition about people(s). It creates a world view of humans pretty much matching up with the history books, that tell of events and human actions, not those written by humans from a subjective point of view. You can never trust humans to tell the truth historically and you can see this by thier preferences constantly changing throughout history. In ancient empires Nordics were considered barbarians only, then power shifts etc and Nordics end up being marketed as the pinnacle of civilization etc.

I am not interested in human's opinions, just facts. What have humans been doing and how have they traveled across the globe and moved about?

There is not master race. Just different kinds of peoples, races, cultures etc who all have something they specialize in and can contribute to society at large.
You can always tell when a 'race' or peoples isnt successful- those are the DNA types that die out (but are often carried by the successful peoples that flourish and live on).

Genetic research into human populations proves that our theories on who's superior etc are all total bullshit throughout the ages. People are so interested in competing with each other that they dont appreciate just what they are good at as a people.
And in the interest of 'equality' etc truth is suppressed so the world will stay screwed up and enslaved for another thousand years perhaps.

Just becuz European society has a history of great achievements and Native Americans or sub Saharan Africans etc did not have such things doesnt mean that one is superior to the other. There are things that Europeans are sadly lacking especially the more whites achieve.
And conversely African Americans need to look at this fact in order to create a much better world for themselves based on true merit and working towards truly healing thier cultures as opposed to working the system to create positive images and demanding they be the only things looked at when indeed there is still a huge problem.

Also, Africans were not really supposed to be dragged off into slavery to begin with but that is the 'superior' white's lacking in thier own make up as a people. Perhaps if these peoples had been given time to trade etc with civilized peoples they would have developed properly, instead of being turned into a slave culture. Same goes for Natives.
You cant judge a people if you come to thier land and slowly genocide them and supress them.
Civilized, advanced society never allowed these cultures to grow with the rest of the world after first contact with them. So how is it fair or even logical to judge them by these events or standards?
White Supremacists make about as much sense as Afro Centrists. When explorers came to China they discovered an advanced civilization akin to thier own.

How do we account for these differences? Well I am not an educated scientist but its probably logical to assume its much to do with location and positioning of the land as well as other factors.

People are just fine when surviving and adapting to thier own land. And if they dont adapt well as in earth's climate changes such as little ice ages, large ones or warming periods- then they die out or change locations or ways of doing things.

Duh is all I can say.

Seriously, there is no grand answer to racial harmony. Everyone is different. And humans have a weird situation compared to animals- we have the intelligence to create and built technologies. Thus much of our nature and make up doesnt seem to be designed for living in a world with the internet where you can see into our collective past through science or you can see the entire world from a outer space viewpoint on your smartphone's Google Earth app.

Its insane, really if you think about it.

Being human is very very hard. We are animals and live in mammalian bodies with these god-like qualities that are alot of responsibilty, and often we ditch that responsibility and behave like animals instead.
This in and out, back and forth is what makes human existence maddening. Until man becomes a truly responsible Creator, humans will always have these issues born of animal behaviors. You cant dominate the landscape and create materials without taking into account thier being in harmony with the natural environment and the result being slowly polluting yourselves to death (which by the way humans are historically notorious for so, from certain Native populations to Europeans, so its nothing new) and be considered responsible with being a Creator.

And much of human society is still run by animal instincts like domination from the strongest, now wealthiest members etc. Many things are in place to actually render many human populations slave like to the most dominant human beings.

That is not a world that is going to have any true harmony or peace anytime soon. If people want to buy into that crap then let them.

I prefer the TRUTH which seems to come from studying the genetics of human populations great and small as well as tracking human movements both recent and ancient. It shows me that this is just another move by some group of human apes to take over and in 1000 years, the standards will have changed again-who knows. Probably from Mars colonies etc.

Who cares?

After really studying the Sammi's and realizing why some Norwegians look different than other Germanic peoples or even other Scandinavians- or even considering if perhaps this is what made Scandinavians different from Germanic or Celtic peoples exactly to begin with- I realized that there have been indigenous peoples in every continent who are now part of many other modern people's DNA. And they themselves would move about and usurp other Native peoples if necessary (as in the indigenous of Greenland). And before that it was many various kinds of pre historic peoples, some live on in us and some died out totally.

So I have a sense now of earth being home really, to alot of humans throughout time. Of differing humanoid creations of Nature. And with my intuitiveness I can sometimes read the delicate but beautiful subtletys that exist among peoples and spot similarities as well.
Looking at the original Natives of Massachusettes, the state being named after them, its striking how they look alot like the modern peoples here. Some old paintings and sketches even reflecting the aesthetic tastes of traditional Bostonians.

I now have a much more solid sense of peace especially here in this area so dominated by white snobs and thier house slaves. The same sense of peace I feel when I am in New Mexico where the Native population dominates who of course have a bond with the land from birth and this creates a true harmony.

White people are largely the way they are from being displaced. You think that we are the ones doing the dis-placing. Yet here in America its obvious once the culture is dismantled, as it has been over the past 20 years, destroyed even- that this is not our homeland. We are all immigrants here. And what we defined as our country will probably never exist again. So many whites have fled to Europe and its natural. Its going home becuz it just didnt work out over here.
Ive never been to Europe but there must be a greater sense of belonging for whites even poor ones like myself. An Irishman recently advised me to give up contact with civilization that is being engineered so horribly and destroying cultures and go live among Europeans who still consider themselves 'tribes'.

Its the history of whites going through so much seperating them from thier own indigenous cultures. Also, 'white' people seem to come from alot of wandering and exploring and resettling. We come, we see, we conquer. And not always out of necessity but greed and the need to dominate. Other kinds of peoples are like this or were historically but 'the white man' has simply been more successful at it so he gets the worst rep for it.

If the Aztecs would have ventured out world wide or the Asians we would be bitching about them. Oh, wait...

Every people has its way of dominating. I am not educated enough to say why whites got good at it first and foremost. Remember in ancient Europe blue eyed blondes were considered beautiful yes but inferior barbarians. Then it was the other way round.

In order to avoid being brain washed by this horrid NWO bs thats simply sinking so much of humanity right now its necessary to seek truth somewhere. And academia are too concerned with thier tenure and careers often enough to depend on for anything other than towing the official line ( remember workplace mobbing in higher education and academia are very commonplace which is perhaps a reason for this).

Other kinds of science, the findings are selectively chosen as to how well they fit into promoting the agenda and then they are marketed to the public in news, etc.

It seems like its a bit harder to manipulate genetic research findings though one could do so by simply omitting information and then reporting what suites someone's desired ends. But its also damn fascinating how we are made up of just these markers. Its that simple. It identifies us. As kin, enemies or ancestral neighbors. It puts humans rightly where they belong not where the deceptive manipulators want us to believe we are or have been. Its like being lost and getting a good reading from a map and compass or GPS.
And as a Traveler isnt it refreshing to suddenly know exactly where you are in that moment.

The NWO deceivers want people to be lost so that they can then create a reality and perceptions for us that are designed according to thier wants and needs for thier little 'project'.
And dont start with all that Mason crap and the god Ra etc. If that is so then there's a surprise- it seems that that system may have sent as many spritual and cosmic policemen as it has sent master builders. In other words, there are forces at work to counter the efforts of people who believe their version of a better world is the right one when in fact its based on lies and deceptions. Oh its a grand thing they are building, but its not what the public think.

Perhaps it is. Perhaps there is something in many people that responds to being trapped in mindless, repetitive order as a righteous thing. As something good and safe.
Maybe thats why I am so thrilled with my discovery of human life on earth outside that system.

I can fully appreciate thier system and what it consists of but when its used to trap humans, when its used to serve their needs only its a misuse of it. The people putting forth the NWO act as if they are the only frickin Order (or system of order as well) to ever have power on this planet. Its been said by Europeans who speak more accurately and freely about these things than Americans do, that its being put forth by a small group of dangerous men, of powerful people. I dont think its so small but its certainly not the majority.

Yet they somehow have this ability to gain acceptance and assistance in thier aims from the public and this is through deception about what exactly is really being put forth. Many Americans believe that the world events in recent history are all geared towards a new order of world peace. Its laughable when you view British media or politics that clearly show the power behind this movement for what it is and that Americans dont even perceive this. Its as if Americans dont understand how much of what goes on here is due to the old families or the old countries influence.
Americans are practically blind to the power of the military industrial complex. Though the evidence is all around them, its considered just cranks pointing out things we cant change (like me) or just conspiracy theory.

So I guess in many ways Ive just had it with modern civilization. And reaching into the past one can see the truth as opposed to tactics of manipulation like Diveristy/PC/Equality. These concepts worked in the 90's for what they were designed for. They do NOT work in the same way after being co opted by a fascist administration and used for the manipulations and deceptions that are currently going on.

I am sure there is information they leave out. Like bloodline families and powerfully psychic genetic lines, secrets to power the public need not know. Its no different than in the Dark Ages when the secret societies remained enlightened from the Greco Roman days or from materials gained in contact with the Middle East while the rest of society was being Inquisition to death by the Church into a really sick period of keep down and stupidity which of course gave rise to plagues etc thanks to the fear of Greco Roman activities- like bathing etc.

Its happening again and if we dont stop it either by not being part of it, dropping out and playing Slacker again as the only way to combat a system that doesnt work and is corrupt but refuses to change OR by sticking by our guns and to what we know to be truth now matter how many brain washed drones or greedy paid off ego tripping intelligence recruits try to convince us otherwise or that resistance is futile.

From the DNA research I have been reading, its perfectly natural to fight oppression, to move on to seek survival or to marginalize people you know you f*cked over so you dont have to deal with the consequences.