“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

boston area still a place where I can not manifest thoughts and actions

Just now.while posting something I was standing.on.the bus. The.driver.is rough as.is the.case often with drivers in.this.area.

I.usually dont faulter but I did side step quickly to regain.balance.

As i experiemced a.male presence "getting.off" on what.registered.as my whole.situation really. The long.term.destruction of me.and.the fact.I.am.pretty much.helpless to.do.anything.about it.

I looked out into the faces behind me and a few were candidates.for.being.this hateful. Both uppity ethnic.types that usually get.crap in this area.for not.being.White no matter how rich they are. (India, Latin etc).
Of course after glaring at t
hem and scanning the crowd this stopped. This plus the reactions to me frim otherther people plets me knoweoples reactions to.me.daily lets me know that many people are into the sick part of.this like watching a woman suffer or be destroyed and thers nothing she can do to.defend herself.

What i would like to know is exactly how do these people know who I am?

Who are they and what organization do they work for if any?

Why are there so many of.them? Why are they nation wide?

Why are they everywhere like on buses etc and why are there so many concentrated in places like Cambridge, Boston, San Diego. Its like everbody in Boston and Cambridge knows who I am. But iI don't experience this in other places around the country.

Why is Boston and Cambridge so esoecially viscous?

How r so many people in on gang stalking? Is it like theyve infiltrated just about everything here? Or is it simply that Boston and Cambridge's inhabitants are socially retarded sick assholes who are totally brainwashed into the culture of wealth and competitiveness , where u can never.win anyway unless u r inter or multi generational Harvard.?

How can so many people be in on whats happened to me?

In my experiemce the entire country has been inflitrated and hijacked by these people.

I am finding it impossible to stay focused anytime between 6 am and 12 midnight. I simply cannot ger done or start the search for lawyers no matter how hard I mentally try to Will it forward nor health care.

i can create other blog posts though and keep doing that.

How is it onky in tgis area of the country I can't manifest my thoughts into action via my Will?