“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, March 16, 2012

White Civil Rights: A Great Idea, Another FAIL Pt 2

I was also fortunate enough in MA to always somehow end up being around someone part Native. When that was not the case my life was unbalanced, chaotic etc unless I found other people of close European ancestry to cohabitate with.

Many people are sensitive to the people around them and others are not. This should also be respected. Forcing a cookie cutter mentality concerning human relations onto everyone in a population is extremely unfair and potentially very distructive.

In my life Ive been exposed to many ethnic groups early on.
To be quite honest when I arrived from the foster home at the age of six to live with my mother and I first attended a mostly all black elementary school, I was sick for a week or so from the smell of African Americans. Back then they used this grease in thier hair they carried in tin foil and that might have also been a cause as well.

This by my recollection was TOTALLY NORMAL. A natural human reaction. Yet as I lived among 'blacks' I became used to them and their ways. I even adopted many of their energies if you will. To again be honest, this energy I experienced, this part of me is one of the things thats made it so hard for this system to destroy me. I have relied on this at times when most likely my European DNA alone couldn't have supported me.

Blacks have much to teach Whites. We've been beaten down so severely by the Dark Ages, the burning times, the Black Death. Whites harbor much fear and death. A fear of our Pagan past. Well except Italians who experience our pagan past as the Roman empire.

However blacks or any other race should not DESTROY European descendants or dominate us or rule over us especially simply to satisfy the agenda of a class war.

Poor Whites need empowerment and to be associated with their past both modern and ancient. Not to be subjegated and beaten down as the sacrificial lambs of the real oppressors.

Its curious as to why something along these lines is never found. Its always negative and focused on politics which have little to do with ongoing racial tensions where we live.

If people want to combat being manipulated and used for political agendas then they must know who they are. Not accept perceptions of identity from outside sources with questionable agendas.

And birching about Jews is about as productive as banging one's head against a wall. They've been around a long time and they have their little ways of doing things-yes sometimes annoying. But they aren't going away anytime soon nor going to change their methods. So just be realistic and focus on strengthening your own peoples and communities.

Then you've got no one to blame but yourselves.

If its true that Rothschild funded Hitler etc then we've got more of a class problem than a strictly ethnic one.
Personally I am sick of conspiracy theories and theories, like tunnels that go nowhere.

Defend yourself and know who you are, focus on what you do know is real, then no one can fool you.

Its been proven that even though we are animals we can create civilizations and con exist like HUMAN BEINGS.
First one has to accept the animal realities then maybe being human is possible.