“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, March 15, 2012

White Civil Rights: A Great Idea, Another FAIL


The title is great but again it focuses on politics not really empowering poor whites or folk. It also concerns itself with Israel far too much for the purpose of white empowerment.
Part of being totally honest and facing racial realities is eventually going to have to include 'Jews' admitting that Creationism is their own personal fairy tale, which they are entitled to, but they much DNA from various Eastern, Western and Northern European countries.

Part of my ideas for White Empowerment is to stop this idea that any one race is superior. Its obvious that every culture thats developed in each area of this earth has their own special qualities and talents. We've now gone from Whites being percieved as the pinnacle of civilization to only Whites of a certain class being respected, more likely respected out of fear and other races being touted as desirable and superior over say, poor Whites or middle to upper middle class Whites.

Each of these arrangements of racial superiority are ridiculous and completely unfair.
I notice that our society merely rearranges who is on top according to race and class with each new era but never seeks to truly get rid of racial injustice or ignorance. Just becuz certain factions are constantly whining to get rid of racism doesnt mean they are doing so. All they are doing is disregarding the scientific realities of 'race' and also ignoring Nature's beauty by differing designs. They also basically want to see poor Whites disregarded and certain classes but never piss off the rich.

Hopefully society will see that denying what Nature tells us to be true is lying. And merely rearranging who suffers depending on the decade is merely social engineering and it always serves the highest classes' agendas.

There are Jews who share my Eastern European DNA. Why would there not be a kinship? They choose, according to their culture, religion and politics to deny that connection. African Americans can be 'black' all they want. The instances of their having European DNA is very high.

One day we are going to have to admit to what many of us have discovered to be true by living like primitives: much of the time, we simply 'like' people or gravitate towards them because WE ARE RELATED TO THEM. Somewhere far back or even a recent ancestor in America (recent in genetics probably means like since Europeans settled in America in earnest), you are most likely family. Perhaps from a neighboring tribe back in the old land.

I've even noted that certain other Europeans can really piss me off. Like some old ancient fued left over from the old country. As if I sense their very ancestry was not friendly to mine.
This might explain why I accept certain blacks as kin easily and then percieve other blacks as threats upon contact.
Most scientists disregard ancestral memory. Science denies the existence of many things we know exist but they cannot prove. Science also has hidden much of what it has discovered from the public so I dont depend on them to be honest with the public about what truly makes up our world.
As a person with two talented visual artists as ancestors I did not need scientists to prove that Pollock's work was legit mathematically therefore had merit. I can tell by looking at it.
Science serves society often enough but it denies things that we as humans are told by our intuition or instinct-things that Nature armed us with to Survive.

If science was allowed by the powers that be honest with humans they would be telling us psych meds are not the only alternative and that various kinds of pollutions are definitely bad for human survival and should cease immediately.

Since scientists are controlled by big business, govt and special interests its not a particularly good idea to believe everything they say or publish as ultimate reality. Even science would have to admit that new information changes theories. Changes the 'answers' they give us.

We know gravity is pretty much agreed on by all of us on earth. Issues of race and how we feel or react about that are alot more complicated.

Ive even experienced academics outright being totally irresponsible. A special on PBS on Native Americans had one older professor, with a dreamy eyed look, claiming that White settlers, due to being originally out of Africa, we are essentially a desert people so our urge is to deforest land wherever we go.
It was the most insane thing Ive ever heard from a learned person's mouth. I think these people become bored with facts and start playing with reality. Do you see now the danger in denying our artistic sides? You can become victim to these urges.

His 'theory' totally disregards recent discovery that everyone world wide EXCEPT Africans has Neanderthal DNA. It also doesnt address the scientificly accepted theory that Native Americans are from Asia coming over from Russia through Alaska. This would make them also out of Africa like Europeans. So why, then did they not have the urge to deforest land wherever they went? Like their long time North American homeland?

These same kind of Liberal insane types will claim there is no scientific evidence of 'race'.
Ok whatever you want to call the similarities and differences between humans. Whatever these are, we must stop allowing the powers that be to manipulate them for political purposes and begin understanding ourselves as citizens of an entire world of people.

You have a right to respect and acknowledge feelings of disliking others. You also have the privilege of accepting certain people regardless of modern dictated racial or class lines.

That black dude might be related to a common ancestor from some village somewhere. The next black dude you encounter might posess the DNA of the most obnoxious Scandinavian slave owner who's ancestors invaded Ireland and that DNA still scares the sh*t out of you on some primitive level. You immediatley percieve this large framed lighter skinned muscular fatty black male as somehow aggressive and a threat. You note that he seems to suffer the heat moreso than his 'brothers'. It seems silly or racist but theres got to be something to it.

Women of Swedish descent piss me off. Always. Perhaps its only some certain family or tribe. But whatever it is they are aggressive, annoying and combative and even being in their presence has made me nervous. Other Scandinavian countries of ancestry dont offend me as such.

Much of who we are according to DNA is dictated by history.
Until we are realistic about that we will keep on reacting the same ways to things from mysterious causes from within us. Science cant explain away everything and the social order just wants us all to behave and get along, not truly for a peaceful world but for reasons of orderliness and the ability to easily control populations through deceptions like PC, Equality, Diversity etc.

Being from Boston but moreso my great grandmother from Cork, recalling her mother shutting the shades on Queen Victoria if she road through the streets (an action taken to implicate a dead person is being driven through the street), I am from the Irish Catholics that did not bow easily to British occupation nor appreciate things like the potatoe famines.
We were passed down the truth about those circunstances yet history books probably carefully dance around the truths.
The Irish share a remembrance of such things it seems through some ancestral collective memory of injustice.

I find that in areas with English flags like behind Harvard SQ Cambridge I begin to feel VERY uneasy.
In San Diego there's this sign for Little Italy. Being from the northeast I was thrilled to go into this area. Their idea of a Little Italy wasnt very authentic. As I turned corners and down new streets I started to see British flags hanging from houses. I immediately sensed enemy territory and got the he'll out of there.

Now what would cause a third generation American citizen of mixed western and Eastern European ancestry to react this way?
Its either passed down from Ireland or the Revolutionary forefathers posess all New Englanders strongly. Growing up in metro Boston it does seem that way.

Irish-English relations can improve in modern times all they want. Its always going to be a reality of our past..some even consider it still an issue. Comprimises arent good enough.
This is because when a people inhabit a small island for thousands of years they tend to form a bond with the land. As all peoples do.

Americans are simply guests on Native land. I know this. Most Americans dont. They wonder why they feel insecure. I visit Native strong areas every year like New Mexico and I feel much more connected to this land than I ever could by myself as a European. Natives are our land's diplomats.