“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trying To Sue Or Seeking Refugee or Amnesty Is The Only Way To Survive Now

Something told me to leave during this festival and now I know why. Also for some reason my identity or my personal energy seems very tied into this kid I was with for a few days. Like Ive lost all face somehow by being with him and getting disappointed. I don't understand how only a few days with someone can effect one's entire sense of Self. I think the GS system is working off this, using it to target me with along with stalking and harassment.

This place is ruined now like all the rest and I don't want to stay here.

I will try to see on Monday if I can find a lawyer who may be able to handle what happened in Boston, the Bacttrim case and maybe trying to sue the FBI if thats possible. If I was being harassed during a legit federal investigation instead of given a subpeona maybe there's something I can do with that. WITHOUT ratting like they want which of course is really part of continued MK Ultra experimentation and NOT legit criminal justice. My 'confessing' would prove MK Ultra works on programmed people most namely suicide bombers and spies. No f*ckin way am I giving them that. If that is what legit law enforcement really wanted they would have subpeonaed me like a normal person with respect to laws and my rights.

Instead I had jerks like that guy working at that church food charity in Freemont CA asking stupid questions to intimidate me like " So what are you doing in Freemont Rachael? RUNNING FROM THE FBI?" And those little shits in Mesa AZ doing a harassment/ stalking scene then sitting down next to me stating " You know Rachael, I can make it stop" then offering me a 'job' where I travel, a new location every month and get paid every three weeks. I got somethin for each of them if I ever see either of them again. And I photo memoried their faces, voices, where they were sitting and what they were wearing. Even if destroying a Survivor's mind slowly blurs the details of these recorded memories the basics are there.
I remember most of all arrogance on their part. And all the n*ggers they sent after me, my having to be subjegated by the likes of the worst blacks in the USA. Me. A highly intelligent, attractive white woman. Multi talented. And the whites in on this don't care. Alot of people don't care.

Becuz they are greedy disgusting humans who only care which ever country they are in works for THEM and anyone who is in the way of their love affair with the obscene, totally f*cked up power structure is worth losing.

The country is hopeless. There's too many citizens who want this country to be what it is. They don't want to answer for all that America does so they desire the country hides behind PC and gentrification and this bullshit about a New World Order which is just a system of sanitizing the worst crimes that make it all possible.

No matter where I go Ill be targeted. And have to deal with smug nothings who have cozies up to the power structure. But Charles Schlund said it wasnt as bad tech wise overseas. That may have changed by now.

All I know is I can't get healthcare I need and its harder to function under the tech now than it was early Obama. Its almost impossible.

If I am ignored or no one will take the case I will just work and handle being targeted until I get enough to leave.

I notice this thing with my intestines thats connected to internal bleeding seems worse when I stay too long in a major city and it subsides on Sundays or at night hours. It really hurts and tears during the week during the day. Its tech and I always suspected that.

So the system is trying to give me something fatal before air can get this book done or even started.

The system knows what its done to me is very serious. But I get treated like no one takes it seriously and I am supposed to internalize that.

When I was little in the foster home I tried to run away a few times. Just grabbed a loaf of bread and my little Huffy bike and peddled. I didn't know where to go just, GO.

I recall everyone at the front driveway to the small blue house gathered and basically making like it was a folly or not to be taken seriously as I zoomed by. Now the system watches mind control programmed slaves from birth. The targeting system knows how each of us has been treated. They know we've never been taken seriously, our power never respected, used and pushed into submission all our lives. This is the way old school Southern racist whites think of and speak about blacks. Ive read it on Chimpout.com and sometimes on Stormfront, though they try to stay more political and not simply ignorant racist abuse.

This is the way people think of and treat mind controlled slaves. And they market to the public to think of and treat us the same way.

Even though what I was running from those times I ran away from the foster home was very legit and I never should have been in that house, everyone treated it like it was a joke. As if my urge to run away wasnt legit. As if I was being attention seeking or silly or ridiculous.

The reason so many people mistreat Targeted Survivors is at least in my case word gets around, probably on purpose that we are submissive, raised that way and easily controlled. This is totally untrue but becuz these people are mere commoners and only understand in simple terms what a Survivor is made of internally and by judging the outside they serve the system's agenda very well.

Ive read people's private writings who are in on this pretending to be friends and they will talk to others saying that being treated as I am for example is all people like me understand. Slaves only understand being treated badly or whatever.

The large amount of people in the USA I have encountered who seem to also subscribe to this is astonishing.

There is no one advocating for people like us and only the designers telling the public its basically OK to tuck with us and keep taking advantage of us.

I now live a life where I meet nothing but people out to exploit my situation. I hardly ever meet anyone who wants to help me beat the oppressor. Even the truckers who help me, many of them you can tell are hoping later on a friendship will lead into a relationship.

Ive heard people talk to me right to my face seemingly about someone else but its my situation they are referring to, so and so was "raised very submissive" by their families and all kinds of this same behaviors from many many Americans.

This country refuses to deal with how many pedophile networks thier are who of course work with the cops and other power structures and to deal with human trafficking or even abuse of sex workers and chooses instead to keep up a media campaign of insults and villification of sex workers and anyone else who knows too much. Becuz alot of kiddie rings, arms dealing and drug dealing are hidden behind escort services etc. They don't want the public to know how it all works.

And it seems many Americans are more than happy to cooperate.

IF the feds had supeonaed me it would be a different story but all I have been through to then make it like its about revealing info about the federal investigation or something connected to that is just trying to make it like its about being a person of interest when they know damned well its about MK Ultra.

If I find a lawyer willing to sue every powerful entity involved in this including DARPA along with the FBI and really driving it home that its about covering for continued black projects then fine but to fall into brainwashing and make it about just the federal investigation is useless.

This all serves thier their forced deprogramming program they have many Survivors in. I refuse to give in to further decompartmentalization.

Its what they are working on with people like me every day. For me to merge all my work is a sign they are succeeding at integration. They have no right to force people like me to give up our privacy and our internal programming so we can be stupid average nobodies who fit into thier bullshit NWO society.

Fuck them and Fuck America. Fuck the cops and the military and the CIA. Bush can go Fuck himself and my entire family can drop dead if I had my way. Boston needs to be wiped off the face of the earth especially Cambridge and all the twats that live thier.