“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blaming The Jews-Still Attractive In Its Simplicity


Sounds insane doesnt it? Yet its so attractive in its simllicity.

As with all hatreds politocally and sliritually motivated or rather, religiously motivated, its never ALL of one group. Not all Jews are into this agenda. Just as not all Jews ageee with eaxh other on anything. There are so many different factions so many different kinds of Jewishness. From Orthodkx to merely cultural without any religious belief.

Oh but the hatred is real. Ive experienced it. Every Jew takes pleasuee in desteoying a gentile like me just as every black does enjoy desteoying a white woman just as each whining sexist asshole makes ezcuses foe his behavior within a gang stalking campaign that has nothing to do with their own personal agendas or hatreds.

GS allows these more personal agendas to be fullfilled even though a person is targeted for 'reasons of national security'.
And the situation I was in from Boston certainly included plenty of Jews, one sensed it was a stereotypical hatred based on something very destructive they simply did by nature and had always done.

Yet I always seek to stay balanced and consider my mother worked for an Armenian Jew who helped out. That the rich kids who tried to frame me were not Jews at all just insufferable brats from Watertown and Newton. Jake and his mother are genetic Jews but no one knew that..or perhaps maybe someone did. I just think he was a wimp, a greedy spoiled fat kid and of use to the system to destroy a programmed weapon they didn't want running around anymore...one who eventually would start recalling faces and places from childhood.

Others involved are Arab or connected to Irish mob or Italians.

But when people see there is indeed a socially engineered genocide going on..and Hollywood is so arrogant, so absolutely Jewish against the damned world and even to the exclusion of it, with so many feminists and activists being Jews...people who almost force racial integration when Israel and their own religion shuns it, the Folk can not help but be suspect.

We must remember always these actions are political and only due to greed and pleasing whomever so people can get what they want for themselves.

I may call the Jews who participated in my downfall from Watertown, Newton and especially Brookline Kikes at any time with full confidence in my conviction- becuz they deserve it. They all deserve to be destroyed as well. Not becuz of their Jewelry but becuz they joined in with Gentiles and every other possible kind of person imaginable to destroy someone who was vulnerable and innocent of wrong doing compared to whom they were protecting.

Good Jews and bad Jews. Good blacks and bad blacks. Its the niggers, the kikes, the white trash who sell us out for the child molesters, drug runners and ultimate bad guys on earth. They deserve worse than these mere words for name calling, labels of hate. These are not even enough. Words that actually burn into flesh and scorch their insides, their souls should be created for them.

Blaming the Jews is always so tempting becuz their own childishness, arrogance and cockiness brings it upon themselves. However its very obvious they have many partners in crime. Many different kinds of people are involved in organized stalking and harassment. Some like to torment people, some have much to hide and can't afford exposure and some simply want money or opportunity that bad. Their excuse generally is they don't know the Target which of course is a total denial of any and all mind control involved in these things, either programming from infancy or mass mind control.

ANYONE INVOLVED IN ORGANIZED STALKING AND HARASSMENT IS CONTROLLED BY SOME METHOD OF MANIPULATION or outright mind control. These people just aren't smart enough to admit it to themselves. The only respectable people in GS are the worst sadists or Satanists becuz they don't make excuses for themselves do they? I imagine its not really an issue. Such people are certainly hiding who they really are but they don't experience guilt.

I believe there probably are Jews religious and obsessed enough to destroy anyone who's a gentile who seems 'specisl' enough to be a threat. Yet its always been laughably obvious how programmed and mind controlled many Jews are to begin with. Especially Israelis with being programmed from birth. That along with the sick conditioning that this Abrahamic religion provides is quite enough to register many Jews as far from reality as one can imagine.

However somehow good does come from Jews. When they have conscience. Then they seem human like the rest of us.

Its hard to not fall into these traps. The perps are so ridiculously nasty and treat TIs so badly that we want to believe anything. An answer. Something to identify the enemy so we can fight back.

I have no doubt in my mind now that the GS system and other covert warfare is responsible for creating terrorists and possibly even the likes of Hitler himself.

One has to then ponder exactly who is behind such engineering, such actions? To want to turn human beings into fanatical haters?

People bring it upon themselves by not rooting out corruption where it is. For the system to be capable of what I have experienced and able to use technologies to control human beings and the public to have no understanding of this gives the corrupt side all the leverage and power leaving everyone else at a great disadvantage.

I think that this crime and corruption runs the world. Absolutely. Jews are involved as we can see from testimonials concerning Israel being involved in drug running but who isn't?

Fuck the Jews and everyone else involved in organized stalking and harassment. Just don't forget the good Jews who have gone by their conscience and if not their Jewish conscience, their human one.