“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The ADL is full of S-H-I-T


One word: Palestine. Also I recall seeing video of a Rabbi telling young men in their typical overzelous manner that their mother's would break their knee caps if they didnt marry Jewish girls.

This is why there can never be feminism without a focus on race or religion such as Judaism in the form of Jewish as simply cultural.

Its always "extremist" if people arenf bowing down to PC dictated social norms. Know whats extreme? Political Correctness, Equality, and Diversity.

To disregard totally the realities of sexism, racism and classism that effects everyone involved when a FAKE made up system of arranging humans in a society takes the place of free association is totally and completely irresponsible. Any form of brainwashing that forces humans to not speak out against any social injustice should be held in the highest suspension.

Also I notice there's never any movement thats NOT extreme or radical that deals with White's social issues.

Why not a moderate approach like White Empowerment NOT connected Supremacy or necessarily promoting bigotry or Seperatism?

This is how Western society silences the under class as well as all non ethnic minorities. It seems to serve the class war more than anything and specifically targets keeping poor White women silenced.

I havent found one White site that I would be part of. Many of them are sexist or Christian. Chimpout.Com is amusing and best used to blow off steam instead of go postal in areas where blacks are arrogant towards poor Whites like SoCal, Mid west or Boston the east coast generally. And being a TI alot of blacks seem to he aware of whats going on moreso than alot of other ethnic groups which illustrates the danger of PC movement right there: they are the opressor's house slaves- thier spies and handlers of runaway poor Whites who are giving The Man a problem. Blacks will help you becuz they understand whats going on when whites wouldnt believe it but blacks also serve the agenda via gangs allowed to exist via DEA CIA (Iran Contra) etc and lest we forget COINTELPRO. Many blacks are involved in working for the agenda as they view helping The Man as a way to make progress for their own people.
Diversity is extremely dangerous as it portrays ethnic minorities as.helpless and in need of authority to assist them in existing rightfully in society yet PC never takes into account ethnic groups crime rates, gang involvement or their involvement in working for the power structure TO HELP AUTHORITY OPPRESS people, either individually or en masse.

Imagine a women's feminist philosophy that embraced females without considering race and excluded all males. No Jewish power hold or black racial issues. Yet these women would be welcome as long as they kept the focus on WOMEN'S issues only and female empowerment. Why does this not exist?

Why must every movement against oppression have to connect to Leftist concepts and thinking as defined in America?
Often at Occupy I experienced that being used as a platform for people who indulge in Leftist Liberal griping as a pastime instead of actually fighting genuine oppression. Scene people. Useless types. Who never stayed throughout the cold nights to bare the difficulties but always went home.

Why is there no White Empowerment? Not White POWER but a focus on bringing Whites information about their history, ancestry and assisting them if they are being subjegated by other ethnic groups due to being in the lower classes.

Theres never a realistic report on how obnoxious black men are to poor White women nationwide. Not everywhere as in some locations they behave like human beings but in many places they posess an aggression and obsessiveness upon contact that is far from normal human behavior. Decades ago black men in the south would be lynched for "reckless eyeballing". It sounds ridiculous nowadays that a man cannot simply look at a woman. Yet as a poor White woman who has to deal with the animals blacks have been reinvented as with hip hop/gangsta culture and stunting their growth by validating and glorifying ghetto culture, we as females know this wreckless eyeballing is just a small part of the black male's constant and world wide campaign to intimidate the poor white female or any white female.

I now readily use this term when black males look a bit too hard trying to put their mojo out there as intimidation. I simply speak this term and perhaps add quickly that you used to get lynched for that.
It lets this male know I am not up for auction or sale by MY masters, which he percieves as White authority or male society.

Slaves think along slave culture. Blacks arent stupid just as Africans arent stupid. Slavery MAKES people stupid. Africa in its poor areas suffers from constant war or exploitation. This makes people unable to grow. Amistaad proves that native Africans can create civilized culture and even 'savage' tribes have thier own social order.

If Africa and its people were left alone and never exploited or treated and traded with as an equal culture we would most likely experience a very different African peoples.

If you support PC or any other social management systems especially post Fascist era (Bush) you are supporting the very systems that seek to keep ethnic peoples dependent on authority and the system, all the while encouraging these same people to remain enslaved, ignorant and self destructive via gang life, prison and ghetto culture. This 'double think' is a typical way of living in denial and tends to work well in Judeo-Christian societies where there is duality yet its presented as opposition.

A mind raised with the concept of good and evil existing dually and at the same time in the same world yet its taught we must choose or focus on only one or the other is going to be VERY easy to con with Double Think strategies. Its almost like compartmentalization in programming but not as severe. It does have citizens compartmentalize concepts and this is where they can then be manipulated and managed.

People have a right to defend themselves. Women as well as Whites struggling with today's complex racial, religous and class issues have a right to know who we are and where we stand.

Part of the con of the NWO is to make it beat people down so they simply give up and conform with whats dictated instead of think for themselves. Poor Whites are horibbly victimized by this nowadays. Unfortunatley, sad as it may be, a White instinct to survive without any healthy alternatives may just be to take on a total racist philosophy or join extremist groups. Its obvious the powers that be want this to occur so any and all opposition to thier goals of social engineering and an NWO are crushed, when of course they go after 'hateful bigots' or 'extremists'.

HUMANS DO NOT BECOME TERRORISTS WITHOUT JUST CAUSE. There is no way that many people would consider what amouts to suicide and extreme measures without feeling it was necessary to their survival.

Making all Whites who dont take to the now prescribed social norms out to be basically social terrorists is a way of yet again utilizing covert warfare or methods to shape events and socially engineer things to what the people in power want.

If I or anyone else started a White empowerment movement we would be framed up as somehow being connected to Supremacists eventually.

The Folk are what the people in power fear most. Making ethnic groups into their own specific cultures so they never merge with White Folk in class wars or other concerns is but one of the goals of promoting CONFLICTING concepts such as Equality and Diversity. Seperating people by race is what they have done. I dont need PC to tell me I should include a black Traveler in our social activities becuz that comes naturally through free association and the fact he is one of us to begin with.
I should not however include a local shelter rat homebum who stands around all day grabbing his crotch staring intently at every white woman he sees there.
PC Diversity Equality as pushed in the govt funded shelter system encourages me to overlook obvious danger that any street smart person would pay attention to in favor of submission. This of course in the case of White poor females results in race mixing..not by nature or by choice BUT BY DESIGN.

Many TIs are driven to homelessness becuz in a Capitalist society its easy to manage a peasant population with total disregard to human and civil rights due to the perception of such a population as deserving such treatment.
Thus TIs are managed by every single possible means available and its completely covered up.