“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sometimes The Pawns Were Once Kings..At Least Rebels

Was doing laundry and accidrntally was exposed to a total Agenda ass kissing tv show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Aerosmith's singer was on there and just the sound of that fucktard's voice infuriated me. Brought me right back to exactly how pissed I should be about all the assholes in Boston's part in this.

Of course I immediately ignored him becuz its obvious by now he's a total perp. I guess when you get revived from dying and then pretend to stay in recovery for years on end you can then graduate to being just as bad as the oppressors, aggressors and handlers.

The public don't realize that if these people actually healed and got better and graduated to human beings they wouldnt want to be near the business they are in. They would cease to function as they do now.

The public wouldn't have their little wind up toys, their celebrities.
People like him and the general public deserve each other.

I hate the fact so many Targets are just drained of life and barely existing yet magically people like him seem revitalized...as if somehow some new energy has been bestowed on him and many others like him. Energy that isnt their own.

Bathing like Bathory is totally what I would expect from a person like him and that brainwashed guitarist who gave my ex Jake a gig that gave him cred he needed.

That guitarist...he actually used to give interviews before the Recovery cult got a hold of all of them, before the Boomers started having to play Catch Up when AIDS came and Reagan too. Just before then he'd say things like the picture of the three battered Revolutionary soldiers from 1776 walking bandaged and playing instruments- that IS rock and roll. He'd be all wasted telling magazines the band was ripping off the public using timed formulas.
I use one of his songs as battle music- Listen To The Rock. It says to the listener, 'holy moly dont you know that you're a hero, you're a FREEDOM FIGHTER?"
"Anytime you think it just doesnt matter anyway?"

Its so professional, so clean yet with power at the key moments. And the singer sounds like Tyler but isnt which is great.

Its to me, what I remember, what Boston used to 'sound' like. That era. Before it got gutted then gentrified. The 80s sucked no.matter which way you put it, in America anyway. England had truly new things going on. But here it was like the beginning of the end.

But before that happened, before we watched the Boomers slowly wake up to their 40s and this fear we'd never seen in our confident young parents before then, a fear that never did go away and changed them forever...they had exposed us for years to rebellion in action and spirit. This is why Gen X had to be supressed and blocked, kept busy with diversions, made to feel unimportant when actually the opposite is true.

I am not going to wake up to my 40s whining I get treated badly in public so therefore give a shit enough to claw back up again, only to become a McCain or Romney supporter in my old age. At least he's not whoring it up on Idol.

Who the fuck knows what happens to professionals or business people that melts their brains and deflects them from youthful ideals.

Whats going on right now is a bit more important to humanity generally than any of that bullshit.

And I remember what was once important to my patents, what was instilled in me, especially from a city like Boston where the Revolutionary spirit lived on very strongly until very recently. (Much of the Colonial trappings around MA that kept the forefather's spirits alive has been usurped by corporate fare except for places like Lexington who can afford to keep their city's character but also make money off the tourist end of it). One
senses this is quite on purpose. Creations of false environments has been a part of the agenda as I posted much during early Obama. During Bush I gave extreme examples of doing so.

I think I overheard like one sentence of Tyler's, laughibly claiming that doctor's and lawyers have children like him or like his...he sounds just like a black pimp much of the time. I suppose thats appropriate for the music industry considering it works so closely with organized crime, drug rings and Israel of course.

I just ignore that and focus on anything positive against oppression and the agenda. And some of these people obviously had brains and a set of balls at one time. Its worth using in battle now.

And ignore the house slaves.