“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Opportunist?

The guy i last posted about. He did what most people do to me. He was different when we were alone together. Around others he was nice but privately he would be abusive so its better he left. He freaked out once becuz i didnt like something he liked, an audio book. He would always attach everything that happened between us to his childhood traumas. He keeps whining about how he never finds people who like what he likes in life.

He These tantrums were draining but it didnt matter. I tried to be very paient but when he then couldn't be patient with me in return I didnt want this to go on.

He kept whining he wantes to be have a death metal band (becuz he actually can play guitar Ive seen it and sing) but he's so wrapped up in being a loser and being fatalistic that he never got anywherr.

Maybe now he sucked my energy he can accomplish something or maybe now the system will reward him like it does everyone else who does anything to hurt me or drain me-make their job easier, as well as swell the detractors in the cover story who can vouch for me being all the things they want to make me out to be.

This kid was definitely in on it or he was just a predator who knew he could get something he wanted out of duping me.

Anything to ensure that book never gets written. I got truckers who, some of them not all but a few, are very interested in what i am up to with my progress of that book. Like construction they also have issue ls with ex wives and women that they take out on the Target or project onto. Cops firefighters construction small trades businesses and truckers Ive comsistently found men who are in on this and are absolutely determined to make it about the cover story instead of what its really about. Bus and train employees also and that includes Greyhound and Amtrak. I notice these types are all in very male centric jobs but also union.