“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I have to seriously reconsider staying in this location. Since it got colder at night and rain storms sometimes the mold is evident and its a problem. The couches and chairs can't be sat on becuz of what i think is dust mites but I am not sure becuz there are two dogs that are allowed up on the furniture. The puppy keeps getting fleas which you can see on her fur if you lay her down on your arms on her side. She had flatworms but those are gone according to the vet. I sleep until 1pm and can't sleep at night nor wake up before 1.
Tonight there was the smell of gas in my room and it was my roommate sleeping in here not me. It was from a car parked right outside our window in the neighbors driveway. This has never happened before either and I don't trust the coincidental timing of it as gas fumes and other respiratory damaging substances are used in gs campaigns except usually it gets into the room you are sleeping in and you can't figure out what the delivery system is.

Four women arrived today. One is the girl who patted her back pocket, the other is the girl who looks like me and seems to mirror me in philosophies and exact attitudes about life. And of course tried to get me to hang out with her tomorrow.
The other two have been here before. We now have four rooms with four women, not three in them.
All these women and two dogs one with fleas and not everyone does their chore to clean the place. Someone mentioned that the house should be immaculate at days end due to how many women love here. Its true.

I have started to eat alot again and I can feel I have actually gained weight not lost. I was losing it running around alot along with eating like I did on the road. But that got screwed up and I have a constant appettite now. My lower abdomen has alot of activity and feels like there's something up with my intestines. Its either something from the dogs or someone here brought it into the house.
Its too easy to start eating and to forget what my goal in life is. The longer I stay the more I get sidetracked even negative about my writing. I literally forget aboimut my work and to do.list.

Its comfortable. Too comfortable but not hygienic enough. If people like this want.to comprise their health let them.

Its safe and comfortable but the stress I think is too much. I think it not being run efficiently or with more enforcement of rules is making me nuts.

And starting to over eat in order to feel good is acceptable.