“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, January 27, 2012

Five New People??

Five new people showed up. I was already suspicious with that. And one girl looks alot like me and magically has much the same ideas and story as mine. I am not buying it but I did give her some advice if she is genuine but I don't believe she is. It was too perfect of a mirror image. Totally manipulative. I also have heard from other tenants that there's never been this many people here at once so the entire thing is suspect.

The moldiness and humidity is making me tired and quite off. I will see if I can function like this perhaps by leaving for the day alot. I don't however believe San Antonio is going to be my kind of city. And there is something very surreal about it.

Its hard to be targeted. You do indeed feel like there's always a chance that something akin to the Truman Show is going on around you. You experience that much of the public are willing to be in on not being honest with you. Through this method you are kept isolated, and they are certainly working for the enemy becuz keeping you contained so you lose touch with what really happened or going after justice for yourself.

This is why TIs go crazy. Why the public goes along with these things I don't understand.

It doesn't even matter. They are obviously trying to protect the rich and the people who matter especially if Romney is up for election. I can imagine that they feel they are protecting his candidacy. THEIR interests.

Its so insulting for people to keep thinking the TI is this stupid. No one feels bad that the TI is this easily manipulated partially becuz they are brain damaged. The fact that no one has any sympathy or thinks thats wrong shows you that you are NOT around good people, your around more perps. Either that or they whisper secretly behind your back that you are nuts but don't realize it and are functional.

The on paper owner of this place told one of the women moving here to be aware alot of the tenants have mental health issues.

As usual the people of legit, socially acceptable society isolate you and judge you, then marginalize you not officially but in perception and then act as if they are part of 'normal' society and you are mentally ill and not of that accepted majority.

Which is just their way of allowing the system to get away with what its done to say someone like me so they don't have to suffer consequences for interfering.
I am so sick of people's dishonesty. Years ago when I was indeed acting crazy and self destructive no one DARED question me becuz I was friends with a rich and connected career criminal who I was of use to. I was more than socially acceptable back then....I was above it. Yet now it seems a majority of the entire frickin nation wants to help totally unsavory people to keep me isolated and believing there is something very wrong with me. And they keep sending mind f*cks to do it....and I am sick of it.

I refuse to believe that i am worthless merely becuz I am not associated with powerful connected scumbags or letting my family manipulate me or allowing my uncle to feel superior to me becuz he used his old connections to ensure his daughter could become a genetic engineer and part of that bargain was helping in the campaign to drive me nuts and into the street. That cute blonde miss perfect genetic engineer who's an ordained minister, her father as i recall growing up was associated with heavy Italian Mafia as well as my other uncle, who married into my mothers family, claimed he used to run with "heavy people", the kind that would shoot anyone.
That makes her morally superior? i think not. Its bullshit.

I think that whoever is behind this wants to keep me from my legal rights. That was always the ploy. The cops, detective's and their informant's behavior back home and across the nation was enough to let me know that.