“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Always A Problem Person In Controlled Communal Living In The US

There here is this fat obnoxious black woman who lives here. Shes older from Chicago. She was so effective in harassing me and laying voodoo down (with a bit of psychological warfare like she only intimidates me when i am alone and she thinks no one is around.) that i became so angry and spiritually effected, one night i wished she would have a heart attack and the next night she did.

I felt guilty for a moment but when she returned she is the same bullying, inconsiderate, pushy, ignorant piece of crape she was before. Shes still smoking too. Shes like a good 400 pounds.
She pisses me off becuz she reminds me of my grandfather so even though shes from Chicago she must originate down south or be from southern migrants. She has that same act going that real ignorant types have from down there-act stupid, intimidate people when they are alone and be as greedy as possible so no one finds out you know exactly what you are doing.

Thats the problem with these places-they always have a resident n*gger. Am i referring to all blacks? No becuz there's a young black girl in my room who I absolutely adore. Its the asshole stereotypes that make the world a miserable place. And everyone knows the difference so cut the PC bullsh*t. We've all had enough of that being abused by authority to create a race war to cover up for the class war.

This woman is psychically gifted obviously and she abuses it.
Tonight she told someone that they could "talk it up like that" referring to keeping her father alive who is in hospice:basically by wishing it to be true.

Her energy grounds the entire area of the house shes in but becuz she's so negative as a person her actions make her presence highly undesirable even if psychically she contributes something.

Psychics are often power trippers who abuse their power. I was totally racist to her and another woman when i arrived becuz traveling and being in cities houseless you HAVE GOT to be that way to survive nowadays due to the race war and active aggressions towards whites-in order to destroy us and part of this is a constant campaign to take the women, a typical act of war. Most people are just too stupid to realize thats what it is.

Shes wrong in trying to totally rob me of energy (and spiritual freedom) by being intimidating when i am alone. Its exactly like living with my mother who would pull the same thing. And Fay has a way of being very intimidating by catching you off guard.

I mean we are talking about real backwards and ignant. The way she talks lets one know who they are dealing with...and this isn't to mean that everyone from that environment is like her. She just happens to be a worst example of where shes from.

Shes also a Christian which is why I don't readily trust them. They do alot of good down here generally as in many seem to live and act on what they claim to believe.

Its people like her that make me distrust them.

I guess I also hate watching people be like my family members-be obese, smoke even after a heart attack and generally lose in life. I always try to be around successful people, even homeless. Train hoppers and travelers who are part of a social scene thats alternative yet established, connected historically to Americana like riding the rails during the Depression or being a hobo, with its own music, clothing styles etc (like surfing or skaters) as far as I am concerned are successful houseless people. Status in society has been achieved.
Ive got far too much various Earth in my chart for me to not want success and status even as a homeless woman. And knowing that alot of these kids are from filthy rich families or very intellectual backgrounds gives me secret thrills and a feeling of comfort, like being back home in the OLD New England, the real one before they gentrified it and sold it out to corporate and NWO. Its all very New Hampshire/Vermont and I love it. Its the only way to be homeless as far as I am concerned. If I ever get accepted to be part of a squat in Europe, one thats really doing something substantial, I'll probably feel like I made it to the mansion of sorts.

This system making me homeless has not stopped my natural inclination to rise in status above what is miserable, common very boring (homeless shelters) and really oppressive. Becuz honestly, being without a place to live inside SHOULD NOT BE THAT WAY-it shouldn't be that damned miserable and oppressive.
Most of all poverty shouldn't have to mean filth, dirt, disease and misery. IF YOU LIVE THIS WAY YOU CONTINUE TO ALLOW THE SYSTEM TO OPPRESS YOU.

Humans were nomadic and have camped outside before agricultural societies made us settle down. Why the f*ck is it so damned difficult to return to that?

There is a system in place in the USA that doesn't allow poor people to be creative and live well. Alot of off-the-grid living and squat houses are people from well to do backgrounds living alternatively. I recall I posted that I noticed squats would never get busted especially in Harvard SQ if the kids were rich kids but if poor people settled a squat for the night it would get busted. Says alot. But I don't resent that becuz I'm usually in good hands with the rich kids alot of the time. Alot of them knew who I was depending on where we were and seemed to sympathize. Think about it: they are some of the only people capable of countering the rich who are out to destroy and oppress us. Unfortunately that is how we must play it here in America much of the time. Many poor or middle class people are just nightmares or will get in the way of the fight by being manipulated without realizing it, they don't even believe there's a struggle most of the time.
One worker at a Womens day shelter who drives a BMW but certainly isn't rich or comes from money, looking at a magazine said "I hate rich people". To those of us homeless with brains it was puzzling. Didn't she realize that without rich people the shelter wouldn't get as much private funding or that we the squatter/travelers actually live off of the waste of them and thier system? That this is a trickle down effect?
Its people like this who you always wonder about-are they in on gang stalking and are doing it becuz they believe they are helping society or for funding or other motives or are they really that sucked into big pharma/ mental illness/psychiatry con job? Its hard to tell in a place as corrupt as Cambridge MA.

If its not the handlers being stupid or being house slaves for the oppressors its ignorant, selfish, self destructive people like Fay who are allowed to exist in environments like this. There's a Fay in every shelter, every day program, every rooming house. It seems like you HAVE to be from wealth to have a right to control your environment in America.
Unless you want to be part of alternative scenes which are controlled via ritual, self governance and self policing like the traveling scene. Which although dangerous and not grounded, with alot more time wasting than I like, at least provide the experience of a functioning society of people who are nomadic and live communally often with little money or resources and are always creative and usually intelligent.

What exists within the traveler scene seems not allowed to take route anywhere in America. Communes are now called Intentional Communities and there is a website-which makes me just as nervous as trying to rent a room off of the totally in-on-it Craigslist. (They are so in on gang stalking and perps themselves post shit to CL after they know a TI is in town. I used to gauge it to be about one week average. Then amazing room for rent ads would appear or 'room for female only pay $1 rent' pay with sex basically and of course when i still looked good and they were doing shit like sending amazing hunky guys from Vegas to 'accidentally' meet me in train stations and the poor things needed help with their luggage (?)...I always saw this as bs and a set up. Craigslist ads would appear like "hot rocker guy who likes to dominate looking for female" becuz they were working off of my relationship with Jake my ex of course. I always thought they were just playing games to make fun of me or to get me with a handler (like Scott tried to be) or of course to have hidden cameras or some sick shit like they pulled at the Brighton apartment but now I see that according to the spy world this was very serious and could have been male Honeypots. Simply to gain information, control over me and the like. Keep me diverted.

Unfortunately technology has made it easy for these cocos*ckers to at once surveille the public and be able to control them via blackmail etc as well as keep tabs on or gain lots of discrediting evidence against a targeted person. This way there aren't many people they can't gain compliance from to take part in gs. That may explain why the country seems just saturated with these people. Thats one portion of perps. Its the ones that seem compliant by choice that scare me.