“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Citizenry Is Either Rotten To The Core Or Gullible As Hell

When are people going to get a clue that anti terror in this country was used to harass Targeted Individuals many of whom were government whistle blowers or victim witnesses to the mess that involved Boston, NY, 9-11, money laundering, government/private sector/organized crime?

So much continued human experimentation went on during the Bush years with the worst torture imaginable during Hayden being head of the CIA. Why is there not a law against the military mixing it up so much with the CIA? Its like having the Pope as president its a total crossing over of two factions that shouldn't be allowed to do so.

Muslims shouldn't be the ones viewed as the only victims here of spying. DID YOU HAVE YOUR LIVES DESTROYED? PROBABLY NOT THE THE EXTENT OF TARGETED INDIVIDUALS.

The public are going to view this as more total disregard for law, liberty and the Consitition that was and is necessity to fight terrorism.

YOU ARE BEING DECEIVED. These things are being done to create a one world order and police state. If that sounds paranoid then YOU ARE VERY NAIVE CONCERNING THE NATURE OF POWER AND CORRUPTION.

They hide in plain site nowadays by utilizing diversions like foriegn enemies such as terrorists. They also make sure a tightly controlled media and press doesn't allow the truth to be exposed.

People who aren't UFO nut job conspiracy theorists have been mapping this out for years and still the public don't want to listen.

Its your own fault then. Whatever becomes of this world, some of us will fight until our deaths and the rest of you can remain pathetic slaves in your comfort zones.

I am sick of morons in this country gently smiling at me as if to indicate oh what a shame i got f*cked over by the 'bad guys' and the system.

You really are dense aren't you? Either you are naive and stupid to what went on and what its progressing into today or you are a slave and part of the corrupt system, you think its normal and you like it that way.
The worst is that you know exactly whats going on and you know I was duped or an a useful idiot as far as the system is concerned.

You're an idiot. I have it all mapped out and have for years. People like me all around the world know whats up. Stop smiling gently at me. Its morale destroying and controlling AND YOU KNOW IT subconsciously. Do you think you can keep me controlled that way?

Never feel pity for me and do not misconstrue me as a fool or stupid. I am doing my job by being quiet about what I know until the time is right.

I have done what I feel had to be done to get a certain result. Your stupid slight smiles or head hanging pity BS are either manipulative or pathetic and within the context of the big picture you are meaningless.
These actions show that such people are totally controlled by the system in place one way or another.