“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trying To Keep It Together In A House Full Simple Women or the title may simply be: Aaaaaauuuuggghghghgg!!!!!!

Ive heard tonight that the woman who came home drunk last night has done so before. If nothing was done about it then nothing is going to be done about it this time. However the incident has allowed me to understand who the people that are full of shit are and its pretty much who i thought it would be. One of the supervisors is someone i just knew I couldn't trust anywway. She actually asked me last night to go and keep an eye on the backyard while she went to bed becuz she claimed the woman who smelled like liquor and her friend who lives here as of a few days ago, and another resident and her male friend were smoking crack back there. I think if that was the case and she actually believed that then she would have really done something about it.

Her and another woman took my shaken up state of mind and jabbed at me. This one woman tries to be friendly but you just don't trust her, based on the fact shes so codepedent. Also some of these women interrupt me when i am trying to finish sewing projects (after cleaning alot all day or being out walking many miles). i won't tolerate interference when i am writing or doing a project. Its my time. The women who don't work everyday want company and I don't mind socializing sometomes but won't get sucked into the black hole that IS a house full of used up, American older women who can't understand how to.grow, change and strengthen beyond the level they are at. And i can tell some of them are offended. This is a major danger for every TI who has to cohabitate with and socialize with people they are only around becuz the system has crushed them and severely limited their options in where they can live or the types of people they can socialize with.

I do all kinds of stuff around here just to keep busy and lose weight. These birches took advantage of last night weakening me emotionally and tried to do this pathetic indirect conversation concerning trying to get recognition for cleaning.

Whats strange is that while the obese black woman was here before her heart attack i kept getting strong psychic impressions from what seemed like her room (which is right off the kitchen) that warned specifically that these women would turn on me or anyone for that matter. Perhaps our psychic ability is stronger when we are nearer death.

And so its rung true.

Women are so powerless in this society i mean socialized to be powerless and stupid and they lash out anyway they can at anyone stronger becuz they are akin to a drowning person. And they will pull you down as well if you let them. So many American women are like this. I mean look at how many are involved in gang stalking, a predominantly male run operation much with male centric motives. Traitors is what they are. And thats all they are.

I wonder if these idiots realize that if they stifle me and help destroy my ability to write my book that they are helping one of the worst pedophile networks and other criminal activity to succeed and flourish? They don't care and they aren't awake enough to even realize such things touch thier lives at all. They are too insulated and selfish and petty jealous and weak to comprehend that.

What they did is probably based purely on jealousy, misunderstanding a person and judging superficially perhaps with a bit of help from the disinformation system giving them cover story info so they feel the TI needs reform or needs to be FORCED into feeling remorseful for the carefully chosen parts of their past the gs system has the public focus on, while the real criminals have great lives of course.

Its useless to try to be honest with people about who you really are. Mostly becuz of the risk they will get in on the ever running camapign to get you labeled mentally ill, its always one of the greatest risks throughout a Target's life. Even if one presents a case with documentation that could have been drawn up the greatest lawyer in history, a large percent of the masses will still insist on percievng the person as mistaken due to the truth being too much for thier minds and pride to handle. Americans like to believe they are a free people basically. They don't like realizing that never was the case in any empire and certainly not in recent times in the USA. Much of America is under very deep severe cult mind control or brainwashing made possible by being very traumatized and intimidated by the last two administrations. If not the last four.

So people often misunderstand the Targeted Survivor of mind control especially women of this kind who get resentful if they feel you aren't opening up to them and joining the tea party. Sorry I really do have more pressing concerns.

This is why I get misunderstood alot and I really can't afford to care. Public awareness about these technologies as well as psy ops in American culture is a bit more important. Especially with Romney up for election which is a disaster mostly due to the Mormons being involved. Ive discovered throughout that they are one of the most dangerous factions involved in world affairs recently. Their presence in the southwest along with the military, where so much horror has been experienced by many Targets. Many perps including people in the media are born into LDS and seem in on harassing Targets even if they don't realize it what they are doing. And why would they? LDS has the ability to program people. Its obvious. Many RA Survivors are from LDS families.

There is something very strange and off about these little Mormon communities in the southwest...and elsewhere. Thier close proximity to the military out there in the middle of nowhere...Ive experienced and seen things over the years. And Elizabeth Smart's family was very off especially her father. The entire thing was just too convenient.

The Mormons are not only up to something thats getting very big but they are just off. There's something very not right about what Ive experienced out there year after year of going through the southwest.

And Romney is a very very baaad idea. Hes basically been approved by Bush. Elder Bush. Not good.

So i must keep going with what I am doing instead of allowing people around me to interrupt at all. Or weaken me or make me insecure. I realize even if they do not that they are pawns of the very negative side of this war.