“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Taking Advantage Of My Having To Get Off Road Due To Health

Trying to walk to the store. I actually saw a woman watch for me down the road and then when she saw i was coming she pushed another woman out into my view who was wearing black and red. Saw another woman who was also conspicuous wearing this color combo. Many red cars mostly trucks of course with black inlay (trim).

This area are all desperate scum alot of them and its Mexican Mafia supposedly so i wouldnt put anything past them. They having a cozy relationship with the military at the borders- drugs, human trafficking etc.

The house I am in seems to be trying to keep me there and slow me down from being hearty from traveling. Also to keep me busy and tired. This is the Cinderella Treatment as my family used to do this. The perps in the Central SQ Cambridge area (all blacks-disgusting isn't it? That a white woman should be controlled at all by blacks. Thats COINTELPRO historically anyway. They can always depend on their house slaves.) would refer to me as Cinderella. It could have been local scum connected to my aunt Debrah's pimp named Honey (obnoxious black woman who should have been 86'd out of my uncle's house and her life since they got married-permanently.) or to Julie's operation. Whoever they were they can drop dead just like any blacks in on this who actually think they have any kind of authority over a white female.

The point is to keep me tired, busy and keep me in that moldy place becuz it will do more damage to my memory as well as dumb me down. And as I am staying in one place to ensure I can't find the time or keep focus to write or call lawyers

We will see about that.