“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, January 13, 2012

Harassment In My Neighborhood, GS For Sure Not Normal

gang stalkers in this area are trying to make it unpleasant to go outside even for walks. their most recent tactics consist of waiting in deserted parking lots with lights on facing me as I walk by (like brighting) and just when I have passed and feel very watched they then and only then pull out of deserted lot. For people to be parked in deserted lots after dark with no other business to attend to it seems and only leave after I have passed by is tactical and its meant to work off past sensitizing of the Target. Brighting with automobiles has a long history in my campaign. And using males in trucks backs up the idea I am helpless due to being a female alone.

The cops have also made appearances lately with perfect timing but that could be them actually doing their job in this area since its sleazy. I could also be being protected its hard to tell with cops becuz they have been both covertly helpful and the worst gang stalkers ever (becuz they are trained professionally they're harassment and abuse of that training is especially damaging to Targets).

If this is done under the guise of community watch I will have your balls in a sling soon enough. Its no problem to start to become involved politically locally especially with so many problems down here.

the thing about this type of harassmnnt is I would have to film a few consecutive examples of people waiting in cars in dark abandoned lots.

and with how sleazy the area is, the crooked cops or anyone else could claim its a high prostitution area therefore they were cruising. which is bullshit becuz I have been cruised around here repeatedly and they always stop, watch and ask if u need a ride. They don't wait drive away on cue and make sure to ignore you no matter what u do.

its probably also to get a reaction for more evidence of public insanity like losing my temper..which I don't do here.

I notice that a lot of the women I live with seem harassed as well especially on the bus. a guy tried leaning on me the way a man was doing to one of my housemates on a bus last week. she got vocal about it but when the man beside me tried the same thing I didn't react becuz in Boston no one considers crowding rude and ignores other people.

once again evidence of an entire network of perps and Targets as well as evidence of a very male legion of perpetrators who harass female targets. I've posted before that there are a lot of men in on this and I have spoken to extremists who believe women are to blame for male homelessness as well as the world's problems.

they may very well serve as Cause Stalkers even if they know the entire story which I doubt if they are smart enough to understand.