“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Continue To Not Comply

It seems like I am always being chased out of places like major cities. As if the system wants me to have a better life somewhere away from cities. I know that my health would do better away from wifi, saltellite TV, cell towers-electromagnetic pollution as well as various other kinds of pollution. But where am I supposed to go? I only understand how to function in cities.
Also what guarentee is there in a rural setting I will be safe? What about access to a hospital due to my allergic reactions?

This happened to my mother, she conformed out of fear for her long term security due to years of being targeted (though she will never admit to that- most people still will not accept the reality of their situation and choose to instead to stay sided with what is social acceptable and consider TIs to be mentally ill. These people are ultimately weak. Citizens who are not targeted are often open to our claims being valid. Its unrealized TIs who are most afraid of the truth).
She became this other person and her lifestyle did not reflect who she really was. Her creativity, uniqueness and intelligence were not reflected. She allowed herself to be frightened into being something she is not. Which is worse than suicide or being murdered really.

The GS system definitely seeks to silence dissidents or control artists with an audience and a voice.

The more weakened we become and health fails and the longer time passes with our dreams unrealized the easier it is for this system to work on Targets and convince us that conforming is the best option. That our Willfulness is not working. Its the ultimate in the 'acceptance' concept in Narcotics Anonymous or brain washing generally.

They will use anything to get you to conform. To be in synch with the false timelines they have created (by influencing events). Always remember it is false. There is no legit reason why a talented, intelligent person should not excel especially in the US if indeed this country is what it claims to be.

Long term behavior modification as well as keeping the TI mixed up, confused and sounding like an idiot most of the time so they can't make a sensible case while they are still Willful about countering this system is what GS is all about. That's if you don't commit suicide or get labeled first.

What they want ultimately is this disgusting sense of peace that is totally induced therefore false and for the TI to be 'happy' or content with their lives. To accept their situation.

Long term brainwashing is what is used. This is why the system tortures Targets and then later surrounds them with people smiling or denying the situation is as bad as it is.

They do this to help the Target through the torture. Why? Becuz they want to destroy the person in every way possible without allowing the outside world to witness what is going on or leave any evidence. This is why many Survivors of mind control projects or programming seem happy and acting as if nothing is wrong. They know that these Targets specifically will utilize the system of alters to survive being tormented so heavily. WITHOUT THE USE OF TECHNOLOGIES NONE OF THIS WOULD WORK.

I've come to realize the importance of their utilizing tech as its used not only in individual cases but for mass mind control.

The only reason this post contains any decent expression on my part or isn't just me complaining or venting as usual is becuz its Sunday and I've posted many times that nationwide that seems to be a day, as well as holidays, where the usual program of remote influence is not functional.
Also this location though its an electromagnetic nightmare, is a lot less difficult to navigate through daily than say, Massachusetts or California. In places like Cambridge MA even on Sunday there are effects experienced as a Target and its impossible to function there its so heavily managed. Interestingly the most heavily managed places using what seems like tech are the most historically Liberal places in the United States.
Ironically for freedom of thought or to exercise the Will, you'd be better off living in a Conservative or Republican place nowadays. MA, NY, CA those are all gone now. They exist physically but they are tightly controlled with massive, constant organized stalking and harassment and influence from technologies and most likely chemical controls as well, chemtrails being an example.

The place I am in now is not ideal as there is WiFi, satellite TV, multiple cell phones and its a poor area so the air quality is not healthy. Yet it has a quality to it that makes forging ahead possible. And the living space itself- where the hell else am I supposed to go? Its not like livable domestic situations present themselves to Targets frequently. Its very rare. And there's always a trade off, your situation is never truly improved-its a.personal preference of what kinds of torment you can tolerate better than others in the interest of getting your project completed.

This is why I am forever suspect of there being 'promised lands' being presented by the system in different ways.

African slave culture always spoke of a promise land. That is a natural thing to create for a people so subjugated by overbearing forces. It resembles a traumatized victim surviving by finding a 'happy place'. However, the true key to freedom is not in investing all our hope into some future space and time but to deal with directly the cause of our enslavement or oppression to begin with.
A promised land is constantly being presented by the system in various forms from simple to complex. Such as 'if you go to this location you will be happy. There are people waiting there for you' ideations. These are deceptions and often they are to lure the Target into very dangerous locations. Places where they would be in physical danger. Then you have actual human perps who will in ear shot will look at you and say "Have fun up there" after you get a strong mental suggestion to go to a location. Nova Scotia for example. When I was in MA before I left, escaped really, I kept getting this mental suggestion to go to Nova Scotia and 'just go quiet for a while'. That was going to improve my situation and stop the harassment.
I asked around about Maine and its desolate up near Canada. Later I researched and realized not only is that a major drug running route but Nova Scotia is now a very electromagnetically polluted place due to some radar left up there. It was totally insane for me to even consider that course of action: brainwashing. Plain and simple. This is how strong this system is in some areas.

Yet I will always question: who was right and who was misleading me? Perhaps I could have gained the best outcome by being up there and 'going quiet' and those perps were scaring me into not doing so to screw me up. But is it the other way round? Could my going have been disasterous and those perps' purpose was to wake me up out of the brainwashing?

The frustrating part is I will never know. Unlike whoever is behind gang stalking I cannot predict the future or calculate outcomes with complicated math formulas or whatever they use. I am jammed and interfaced so much of the days that I can't do much of anything.

If they aren't trying to get you killed they are trying to force you to conform and be content through brainwashing.

Both are false outcomes manipulated by their influence.

Neither should be tolerated.