“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, December 11, 2011

White Pride Blog

I would like to start a pride blog, white pride but it sounds so ridiculous. Theres so much going on in my life and around me in the world other than being a Survivor of programming and being targeted.

As a TI I have seen a side to racism and sexism, to extremists that is very nasty and viscous. Part of the NWO ploy to enslave mankind seems to be to utlilize cultural and ethnic warfare to intimidate and oppress other cultures and ethnic groups so they will not take action against the real oppressors and enemies of their freedom and liberty.

I dont want to associate this blog or its author with that becuz there are many TIs who are of various races, religions etc. Its not fair to other people who suffer as any TI does.

However there is a cultural death going on of European and 'white' middle and lower class culture. Its being actually planned as part of the future of the world. We can see this in sneaky subtle statements from say, African American factions who word the genocide of white folk culture as vague statements such as "many peoples are not prepared for the future" or things that intimate that other cultures are going to destroy and eclipse European folk culture for lack of a better term for white culture that isnt the upper classes, whom have an easy time of defending themselves and if anything are utilizing these cultures against poor whites in order to ensure we dont revolt agsinst the NWO.

Reverse racism must stop and no Leftist Liberal mental gymnastics can be allowed to talk circles around the facts that people who are powerless and vulnerabe are being hurt in these class wars and the forming of a New World Order. Wealthy whites are going to have little trouble surviving and they cannot be depended on to assist poor whites in defending themselves. Being from Boston and Cambridge MA I can attest to how well to do types want to push Diversity, Equality and Political Correctness yet nightly go home to their upper class neighborhoods and do NOT have to live on the front lines of these class and race wars. In the social services system and homeless industry they serve as nothing more than babysitters and assist only to supress anyone not in line with the agenda.

Being targeted I have found that there are a number of people in the homeless industry since the late 90s who seem to have replaced all of the truly caring individuals who were true to helping people and social justice. What I have encountered post 9-11 are people working within this industry who are well aware there is an agenda and are only hired if they comply or are compatible to this new system. Its been infiltrated basically and I am sure that their hiring practices reflect that.

As a targeted person I have been shocked at the amount of people especially in places like Boston and Cambridge who work for day and night shelters that are unsympathetic to my situation or worse, seem to be in on mocking me. These are NOT the social services types I recall during Clinton. Harvard and MIT fund alot of the day shelters in Cambridge MA as well as Harvard grads are involved with running or founding such places. If you believe that a university that gets the largest endowment IN THE WORLD yearly is not corrupt or hooked into the elite's agenda you are very naive.
As I was. Being raised there I looked on at Harvard with awe and MIT with fear of setting foot inside. Harvard's gates are percieved as a sort of relfection of heaven on earth- and the cursed, common and poor are not allowed. But we should excel to compete just the same. This is what we learn back east. Ever since being grossly mistreated however I have taken pleasure in invading such places, nationwide if possible and utilizing their reseouces as I am able to. Becuz after the way they have behaved, they no longer deserve my respect and fearing them is a complete joke. Mostly becuz I know I could have excelled to such a level but was never allowed to.

There is a system in place that keeps people down, mostly victim witnesses to the abuses of the powerful in our country and internationally.

It used to be that poor whites and other ethnic groups shared this predicament. Since the late 80s however political correctness and other social engineering has been HIJACKED by the oppressors and raised entire generations to believe they are splintered and seperate from others in their own CLASS mostly based on race, religion and sexual preference. For someone my age, ethnic groups seem rearranged in an unnatural order.
Free association and ethnic natural urges or preferences have been subverted by engineered false divisions basically brainwashed into youth.

PC, Diversity etc actually cause racial and other forms of seperatism.
How much of the way many populations around the USA percieve each other are based on factual history or knowing their own ethnic backround from the country of origin? A false culture has been created and this is possible in America especially as the USA is not an ancient culture but a new country that has been defined by many different kinds of peoples. The problem is that we can be manipulated into working against each other as opposed to coexisting. Humans are naturally going to war and fight but the idea of NOT allowing people to express thier fears and grievances based upon a system of forced 'getting along' is a kind of imprisonment that is perpetual.

So people react with hate due to being told they cannot be afriad or express or show they are opressed or being treated unfairly. Lawlessness ensues and people disregard proper channels as they feel they are not even allowed to exist in such a society. Then of course whoever is designing such engineering to begin with utilizes covert forces and creates front groups or people claiming to represent the cause or oppressed population who will serve only to incite hate, intolerance, extremism and always attach other causes to the original concern to create a cult like organization.

These activities by provocateurs only serves to discredit the original cause and oppressed people, further alienating them from the mainstream.

An example of this is White Pride. Too often this gets entwined with White Power, Neo Nazis, the Nazi Party, White Separatists and groups that seem to include Christianity, anti-feminism and anti-gay sentiment into White Pride.

Just as many people percieved all Muslims as extremists during the early years after 9-11. Much of this was due to Americans not having a great familiarity with Muslim culture and religion to begin with.....as well as alot of propaganda by Isreal supporters who lean more towards Zionism.

Its as simple as different groups of humans fight and war or a powerful group desires something , a certain result and a vulnerable group is oppressed or left out unable to advocate for themselves.

In the issues of race, often whites of the same class are victimized by blacks due to blacks not being able to strike out at the whites in the upper classes who are actually doing the most injustice, as they do not mix with them in daily life as frequently. One can imagine this is desired by upper class whites as it lessens the chances of oppressed peoples grouping together and seeking to riot in their neighborhoods.

Here are a few sites I found:
Note the extremism in including anti-feminism, Christianity and anti-gay belief systems.
Not only does this exclude people who may be white and oppressed but it discredits the poor white plight and alienates such a cause from anyone in the mainstream understanding what that cause specifically is about.

I dont have any illusions about Hitler either. He was used by a group of powerful people to begin that war. Nothing to do with Hitler or that era should reflect on what is going on now. The last thing we need is ovens full of black or Mexicans or whoever. The entire genocide of Jews, gypsies (Romani peoples), Poles and homosexuals was clinically insane and an absolutely ridiculous method of 'solving' any problems social or economic presented by these groups present in German society.
That was also a very different time where people did not have personal technologies to acess information as today. The public were uneducated and Hitler's speeches made him akin to what in modern times would be a rock star, politically anyway. Much of what he did was based on mass hypnotism, personal magnetism and anima.

Genocides do happen in modern times but they arent marketed like African American slavery or genocide of Jews in WWII into the popular imagination , and they happen to people that do not have a any strong cultural foothold in the Western mainstream.
Foriegn countries that Westerners know little about and could care less about.
One of the most disturbing mass genocides, that of Native American populations, the full impact of which is basically ignored as a necessity of the survival of the United States Of America. To admit we exist on land illegally, where our own human rights concerns were ignored and treaties constantly broken, war crimes committed we could not exist.