“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, December 11, 2011

White Pride Blog? Pt 2

Something happened to that blog post. I could still type but could no longer see what I was writing and I couldn't edit it either.

I've also looked at sites on White Nationalism and its most popular site is somewhat informative but many linked articles such as news etc seem to be reviewed subjectively by members. I have utilized that site as a way of seeking someplace safe when in the midst of an unfriendly environment.

I've also viewed more mindless, hate based sites. Though these are a safe way to view something negative instead of acting out negatively, they are in the end simply based on being as hateful and mocking as possible. Actually I've found some content that aligns with what I myself have experienced as a TI. I mean exactly my situation in one post.
Which hints at many in the TI community's suspicions that KKK factions of extremists are utilized in gs campaigns. I think the TI is marketed to them as an enemy so they are duped. Recall I posted that there was a crowd in Boston that was centered around my old associate Julia, the untouchable career criminal. That crowd seemed to be pushing the idea I was Jewish which makes for a good contrast with Julia and my ex Jake's WASPy blonde appearences. Also note my cousin has become what exemplifies my mother's family and she also fits this blonde ideal and seems to have abandoned Catholicism for Christianity. Jake and Julia have very Anglo last names also. Ironically, Jake gets his name from his maternal grandfather's last name being Jacobsen or Jacobs who was a Jew that converted due to social pressures in the Carolinas down south. And Julia has more Jews supporting her and her business than anyone can imagine. It was probably simply one of many psychological operations. Yet gullible people can actually be motivated by such a set up, which brings us to the example of cults being used and the CIA's interest in Jonestown and the Peoples Temple cult. Many of the groups that perform gs from my experience and also that of many TIs is that the peeps especially when its obvious they are in large groups, are cult mind controlled or 'brain washed' if you will.

What I have found are many people who are middle class to poor and white or from European ancestry who feel they are unrepresented in today's USA as well as being squeezed to death, out of existence by other ethnic groups either of their own class and other classes consisting of whites.

Interestingly many of the White Nationalists and Supremacists seem to be from working class or middle/upper middle class and resent other ethnic groups for taking jobs etc.

I resent the hell out of the watch dog group named Southern Poverty Law. Due to the fact that there are a disproportionate amount of WHITES in the south who live in poverty.

Live and let live is only appropriate when other groups and factions are allowing you to live by your own Will as well.
Race mixing seemed fine to me years ago when it was unpopular and rare- you really had to possession such tastes or 'color' and culture blindness as an INDIVIDUAL in order to be so bold. Then it became socially acceptable. Fine.

But instead of people being let alone to live and let live there are forces in this recent society emerging that are marketing race mixing and even using what comes under brainwashing tactics in media to force human beings into such behaviors. When race mixing becomes part of social engineering, especially with the NWO being put into place, one must question such actions just as we questioned segregation and NOT allowing race mixing.

Anything forced or conspired must be examined by the People because it certainly cannot be in the interest of freedom and liberty to brain wash human beings into one action or another, not allowing people to act upon their own Will or freely associate with other cultures.

There is a culture of shaming poor whites and (what is left of) our culture. We are expected to be sheepish and apologetic for our 'race' due to the actions of a different class that only betrays us by shaming us for our lack of status within a white world.

Something needs to exist to decondition those of European ancestry who are brain washed by media and society itself to be so ashamed of who and what they are that they feel compelled to seek refuge in YUPpie culture or in African American ghetto culture.
How many whites have you seen dressing up and acting Latino? Personally I'd prefer that because of the Spanish influence mingled with Native that is 'Hispanic' in and around the USA.

In fact that is how I see society being arranged by engineering not free and natural association nowadays. In my youth in the small city I lived in MA, blacks were kept out not by whites but by Puerto Ricans firstly and then as one went into town more it was Italian and Irish. Very blonde Irish. As these cultures associated minus African American influence, I noted that Puerto Ricans preferred to associate and be loyal to Italians moreso and resented the Irish slightly. I suppose based on looking somewhat similar, being olive with dark hair as well as sharing a Latin culture from Europe this urge makes sense.

What I see now are a lot of people basing their alliances not off similar cultural backgrounds but off of the falsehoods of the system's new groupings of ethnicity and, sadly off of actual shades of skin color.

People from China and other parts of the Orient actually buy into the idea that they are most bonded to people from India due to them being 'Asian'. When I was young the maps defined Asia as including Russia.
I being eastern European such as Lithuanian and Polish partially, see many facial features and other traits are shared with my ancestors with Russia and the Chinese and other parts of that region. I do not see this similarity with those from India.
I've seen sadly young people from India shunning whites and acting black believing their dark color itself will cause intimidation and fear if coupled with black ghetto behavior.

Many Latins outside of certain areas where they are competing.with blacks will immediately and blindly sympathize with African Americans without any cultural background similarities from the old countries.

Its always sad to see Chinese falling into the trap of ignorance the 'colored peoples' con. Simply due to their hue, they act black and associate with ghetto culture from blacks or Latinos without any consideration of cultural background.

If that does not appear to be the sad backlash or side effects of PC culture then you aren't seeing what's really going on.

Not all human being want to get along and live in peace. Some people prefer tribe, gangs or exclusivity. Also these groups may be reacting to the YUPpie culture also as well as the white elite rejecting them. In their ignornace they harm poor whites who are also if not moreso oppressed as themselves.

The poor white is expected to 'convert' to a less 'white' look and appearance to not be attacked by other ethnic groups of the same class.

And I say enough is enough. Sadly many whites are so weak, so subverted, so co-opted that they don't even realize what they are doing, that they are indeed reacting out of fear and self preservation...and sadly the long term effects of their actions on their own people.
This is due to lack of support. They are weakened and THAT state of being is what is supported by our society.

Any kind of sane approach to decedents of Europeans in the USA engaging in standing strong in their culture in an overt manner that directly calls out this society in its reverse racism and favoritism as well as designs against lower class whites, is received with hatred and accusations of racism or Nazism.

I think there are enough of us out there who are hip to being conned yet don't want to lower ourselves to engaging in totally mindless hatred of others simply because they aren't totally European in ancestry. Perhaps the powers that be as well as the social structure need to be reminded that live and let live.within the laws of the land are what is desired for true 'peace', not rearranging people to suit some agenda and causing more secretive hate and frustration than before. You can't bullwhip and nag people into getting along, it takes people understanding each other to coexist. And tolerating those in society that perhaps don't want to exist outside their tribe, race, group etc.

Something needs to be done to restore the folk and dispense with the limited and shalllow boring media stereotypes of what people of European ancestry are.

The Middle Ages burned and terrorized whites out of our strong relationship with nature and paganism unique to each country. Its why White People are afraid to dance. The burnings, the men in red cloaks, the Inquisitors, the tortures. We are now blanketed in one of three religions hailing from a Middle Eastern culture not our own. This had to be done by force over a few thousand years. Don'ttbi