“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The sign of The Horns Used Indirectly

xThe fat greedy kid i am with keeps getting kick downs of money and food when i am not around.

Twice hes gotten two big burgers with sesame seeds and ranch in the bag. his preferred dipping sauce and i am allergic to sesame seeds.

hes gotten money and hidden it from me and I pretty much have to haul his ass around or at least get us going and take care of details.

I think either the perps are taking care of him or hes been getting sympathy by pointing out whst a controlling bitch i am yet no one sees that i got this way becuz he does really stupid things and that would jeopardize us traveling etc. i have to constantly ask him NOT to steal so i dont lose my road dog to the jail system.

hes either in on it from a perp level or hes manipulative and drives me nuts then gets sympathy from other men. It could also be that i dont realize.that due to my situation may be able to get away with alot with people turning a blind eye, but i dont test that theory by trying to do that but he may understand this more than i and know he can get away with bad behaviors like stealing simply becuz hes with me and i could probably get away with it too, which means hes just taking advantage of my situation and being able to be with a girl as well.

In the midst of me losing patience with him in a fast food place a few days ago, he happened to be on the phone. When he seemed really pushed he responded back to me with his hand in the sign of the horns -the devils sign. He has also done this to people once or twice in Albuquerque, and they were NOT close deaf friends of his and I highly doubt if he or they are Texas Longhorn fans.

A person does not use that hand sign lightly. Nor by mistake.
I being an actual RA survivor where there was some small amount of Satanic content, have never used that hand sign unconsciously or intentionally. I used it once in front.of a security camera years ago when I was still being harassed daily and very hard. I think I started to become brainwashed by just years of this activity. After i slipped like that I had a nice.long re evaluation of my inner world, Self and re established what was truth for me not giving in to years of being terrorized and confused.

I never found that hand sign comfortable even back when it was just something done at rock concerts etc. It was fine for others but I had no use for it. Just like LaVeys work or anything Satanic on that level.
There is something covert and hidden when it comes to people who experience Ritual Abuse or any Satanic content where high level programming is concerned.
Yer pretty much trained to not reveal your position or should I say disposition at anytime.
A person can do good works in the human world and still have a portion of Satanic programming. One simply uses it as a point of reference for fixing what wrong is done in the world by such forces; its akin to becoming a cop and being very effective becuz your family were criminals, something like that.
But becuz Christians believe not in good works but in their Saviour, many people often want to completely get rid of or erase a Survivor's progrsmming of that nature altogether. It could also be done this way so that the darker forces can completely neutralize a potential threat forever.

For him to use that hand signal is either a mind game or he is involved in such things with or without his own knowledge. I dont trust anyone who uses that sign not in conversation or at all.
The only people I do trust using that hand signal are Satanists themselves as its pretty straight forward where they stand.

I absolutely hate common people doing it either to be cool, as a mind f*ck or unconsciously. Its..weak.

One woman, Patricia an older woman I started to associate with last year seemed nice at first. I spent some time with her and noted she used that hand gesture in conversation. Red flag!
She eventually told me that in San Francisco during the late 60s she had gone into the Church Of Satan, thought it was ridiculous and left sometime afterwards. Yet her behavior I experienced was at times secretive, deceptive and I probably shouldnt have trusted her.

I dont think its the overt Satanists in this world that wear my nerves out. Its the foolish buffoons who think they are in control and know whats going on in the world but have no idea what influences their own behavior or shapes the events of our world.