“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, December 8, 2011

In Crowd May Be Smarter Than They Appear...Not Really Just In The Cult

Wow! I just read an extremely nasty post concerning someone semi famous. Though it contained limited grammar it was a nasty little rant. I wont get into who it was exactly but I often read up on connections- people associated with people connected to those who were close to me that betrayed me or were in on the gs campaign. Due to the fact that many are in entertainment due to my ex and my former associates it can get pretty juicy..and sad I suppose.

One phrase I did not like that I read was a poster refering.to this.person as "a bitter washed up delusional whore". What strikes me is that the gs system so often tries to turn many 'expendable' women into just that- and its done quite purposefully.

Reading this I pondered if that is basically what is meant for me as an ending. A basic description of what I have become if only in the eyes of the public, or the 'In' crowd if you will that is aware of what is going on.

This may have worked..sigh, if only it werent for the fact that my mother is a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra and a number of other factors that make putting me in this category just a bit...inconvenient for the 'In' crowd.

I dont even think theyre In, I think they are alot of them have all the isms of mind control victims on some level and they dont have the brains or balls to face it.

Sure Im bitter who wouldnt be? Taking war crimes and turning them into games for spoilt rotten tacky rich f*cks or whoever else would make any thinking person frustrated. And using fun and obvious cover stories to block out such serious issues is pretty embittering to the victims.

I suplose this, yet another cover story level of reality, is meant to discredit whoever dares tell any truths about mind control, MK Ultra or covert operstions domestically. I believe I am a bit past the phase where I can be written off so easily. Phone records would prove my mother was going to go to that advisory committee in the 90s and her parents are surely listed as both being US Marines as well as her treatment at the Naval Hospital as an infant. And all my claims or things I write about are either able to be proven or feasible.

My story from its unraveling over the years resembles a text book case of an atypical Survivor of high level programming as well as RA. I am certainly targeted and it appears to be intergenerational.

Its going to be attempted to claim that I took from other Survivors stories and made mine up-that Im lying. Yet all my computer activity over the years as well as THE WAY my discovering my situation has unraveled on these blogs shows clearly that there is much I was unaware of- tht only later I realized was similar or typical of all Survivors of programming.

Its easy to be innocent about being embroiled in intrigue when one is only working from the inside out, only telling what one experiences from within. I had no other reference other than my own experiences. Why anyone would think you can frame someone with lies when that person is basically blind deaf and dumb to what is going on around them makes little sense.

But that is the difference between people focusing on purely what goes on superficially and what really goes on behind it all.

Unless of course I am naive..I missed something. Like that the In crowd is alot more sinister than they appear and there are connections to people much more destructive and evil than one may want to let on to.