“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Collective Delusion Of Law, Order, Just and Fairness

I don't think the system will be satisfied until we know our place. Until we realize we are just lowly expendables in a very big world.

Not that this is true but they will try to brainwash you to believe that. I recall one female who was part of a set up in a hospital west of Boston once said "THEY are mad at you because you aren't accepting your situation". My mother was the one who actually used the phrase know your place. She got me alone in the car per usual intimidation tactics. Then said of the harassment (which up until that time she kept claiming was due to the feds and local federal investigation, and that once they realized I didn't know anything they would leave me alone) "Back when I was dealing with the syndicate I always took the harassment to mean 'know your place bitch'".
Identifying with the aggressor is very common to females or anyone abused by sadism, sexual abuse and intimidation. She's also...I want to say she's an idiot but I know damn well that she's totally compartmentalized and programmed but kept under such tight control that she doesn't exhibit signs of breaking through programming. Helping destroy MY life was her one big chance to finally get out from under...or so she percieves.

Plenty of weak Willed, weak minded, sneaky cowards working with local scum, are endebted to this system. They are all usually unhappy losers and desperately want the Target to all be one too. Even if that is not our nature nor our destiny.

Usually they themselves are being controlled by family that are origins of abuse. Most of them are afraid to face the truth about their families as they are dependent on them for money support or resources. Most of the trust fund babies in Narcotics Anonymous back in Watertown/Brookline/Newton are who were in on the gs campaign during Bush against me all seem to have this problem.
The mob. The cowards. The ultimate losers.
Yet as long as they stick together they can live in a collective delusional reality that they are superior to a targeted Survivor like myself. Having money is only part if what's wrong with their heads. Many wealthy people are not that screwed up. I suspect these people live in a cult like existence due to they or their families are connected to organized pedophelia/child abuse rings, organized crime or connections to rogue intelligence agencies, military industrial complex or Isreali interests etc.

There was definitely a cult like situation. Its more than just the IN crowd. According to research and experiences by other Survivors of programming these people's families are dirty money. Its that simple. With connections or involvement with any of the aforementioned. Such people lack moral character to begin with-hmph, all they HAVE is their money and being in a tight group with other rich f*ck ups. Believe me I've seen it. NA was a joke there for anyone trying to grow without conforming to the sickness of American culture. The nature of NA is criminal compared to AA anyway becuz the minute you buy a drug to use you've already broken the law. You don't break any laws sitting on a bar stool or going to a liquor store.

Most of the people I encountered in my 20s who were career criminals and later in recovery, in NA trust fund kids were all rich but none were refined or striking beauties. And what you can't buy with the family's money you must destroy. And the shelter rats, the ghetto scum and the sadistic cops and violent aggressive by nature first responders are all too happy to assist them in that goal.

There is no cure for inferior people with more money power and connections than you. And with the law on their side there is little hope for justice.

TIs have seen more than anyone that we live in a fuedal system similar to the one during the Middle Ages.

Laws and justice are lies. Fairness doesn't exist. Its all lies. The existence of a judicial system is pointless and we see this more than ever during Bush. Just as no one tried the academics doctors and state actors behind MK Ultra for war crimes, no one is going to try that administration on its warcrimes. Just as there will never be justice for me.

I was shocked to see how many people were in on gang stalking and still are. To destroy a bright future as the one I had is the worst crime. But like typical Americans they will forget me and what they have done and simply go on to the next campaign like the next series on cable TV for their entertainment.

They are horrid unrefined losers who have more access and connections and don't have to admit their families are screwed up and are more than happy to destroy anyone pointing that out perhaps. And the powers that be fully support them as well as utilize them to their ends.

Their scum. And Boston/NY was the worst scum I've ever encountered.

There is no law no order. Just might makes right in human society. We live in a fuedal system especially evident now post 9-11 where our safety has been used as an excuse to enslave us further.

The only thing left for the oppressors to do is get the loose ends and knots ironed out. To ensure those of us who by our nature, should not be forced to be enslaved, do so as part of the totally false reality they have constructed using psychological warfare, torture and chemicals/technologies for mass mind control and the imprisonment of individual dissidents. People like me who refuse to 'know your place'.

What kind of bullshit*t is that anyway? 'Know your place'. 'Accept your situation'. As defined by who? Some faceless undefined yet omnipotent, overbearing oppressive power structure? Seriously go f*ck yourselves. We all know I was beautiful, highly intelligent and multi talented and after three decades of being kept down it was time foe me to grow and move forward. So part of knowing my place and acceptance is allowing myself to be beaten down and destroyed? To live with that?

This system is ridiculous and so are the morons involved. To think that by accepting their terms I myself become part of the system's oppression. Does that sound very appealing? It doesn't to me.

One of the most ludicrous memories I have is when in AZ early on one young snot gang stalking perp went for new lows by stopping in mid action (stalk/harass/psy ops) just to use my traumatized state as a possible in to get me to join them. "I can make it stop Rachel" and then telling me I would have a job where I traveled every month and get paid every three weeks.
This is parellel with what witnesses claim the FBI was doing to terror suspects. 'Since you're in trouble why not join us?'.

I also had some idiot cops in a car in St Louis area try that one. Intimating I was "In trouble".
Olnick has destroyed my health permanently with mold exposure, all my betrayers are criminals who have been exalted and everyone EXCEPT me should be in trouble. What is this bullshit??!!

But its not about making sense. Its about brainwashing and coercion. And no one is going to stop them becuz its tied into money important people and ensuring the public doesn't ever wake up to the reality of mass mind control. Ever.

(Cops often coerce people they think are screw ups from 'bad families' into all kinds of things. I am sure the desired results were for me to either join them finally or keep silent for life about what went on. I love cops becuz they are often overconfident in their power...and very readable. St Louis was horrid anyway. I didn't know Aquino had residence there and led a coven there of either COS or TOS. Too late now.)

Why people believe that we ever left the fuedal system or There is law and order I will never understand. Its impossible. There is no way the overlords of our society or any other, the rich powerful etc are going to allow that to be.