“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, December 23, 2011

Being Heavily Tech Managed In New Location; Now Its About Making Nice

The place I am in is very 'managed' by tech. Its interesting to see how much the system has perfected and grown since the early days of the Iraq war, 9-11 and Bush. Becoming intensified during Hayden (late Bush early Obama) with much of the torture and feeling beaten within an inch of your life ceasing immediately as Obama got into office.

Its so detail oriented now, so subtle. Individuals as well as the nation have been so worn down that we don't notice it as much. As a TI I accept it as daily life and fight it as much as I can daily. Hourly.

This has always been the military's general attitude or any overbearing male oriented power structure trying to secure power. Take the Japanese comfort women for example. 60 times a day with men a lot bigger than your native men???! And the military attitude was that eventually they became used to their work. Eventually, they accepted it.

This prison we have been put into these behavior modification camps, unable to be seen by the untrained eye by the average person (who's either totally ignorant and unaware or purposefully avoiding the truth) has deprived many of us of years of living, accomplishment and our rights as American citizens: Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.
Also being able to be all we could be by excelling- turning our raw talents into skills.

This has all been denied to people who are targeted as well as the American people generally.

We are now at a stage, at least I am so I assume many TIs are also where we are being lulled and managed in a kind of permanent semi sleep state. One where all our cares are managed for us by the constant companion. Its no longer practical to call this the gang stalking system becuz for many of us these later stages consist of being handled and managed with a constant supervision that is very probably tech. If its living human psychics then its still not stalking and harassment its more aptly named psychic supervision. Psychic nannying.

Maybe I will contact the forums or the TI communities and see if there is an apt description for this activity as gs just isn't appropriate.

Its constant too. The only thing that gives any relief is swift movement- traveling from place to place in a vehicle. Such as big trucks. However even parking in a truck stop for too long the system gets an exact fix on a Target. One can actually feel this remote influence lift when the truck is moved from that space where parked for an evening. It 'breaks' the influence. Its like moving in a room where the TV reception depends on where u r sitting or moving the antenna, for those of u old enough to remember or poor enough to understand what I am talking about.
Cell phones are not a good example becuz we can't see the static only hear it and its not that often. When it does occur we think of it as the other person is 'breaking up' on the other end. And unfortunately there aren't enough dead spots in cell phone reception...from a TI perspective I dearly wish there were.

What are TIs supposed to do? Leave normal civilization and go live somewhere that has primitive ways with plenty of relief from electromagnetic and microwave pollution? Which is exactly like exiling us or jailing us from normal society just as the system has done for years WITHIN mainstream American society utilizing technologies and human forces. (In person gang stalkers and harassers).

I suppose we could build a society outside of this one.

I am sick and tired of every thought being no monitored. Every sentence I go to write, then I get censored often.

Its all behavior modification.

I also suspect that they want to push this ideal for me to be very self sacrificing for 'the cause' by writing a book INSTEAD OF suing or using legal channels as well as such an expose would screw me out of any chance to sue due to incriminating myself or giving more material to discredit me. So its either I do the right thing for humanity or I do the right thing for myself.

The gs system is always putting these kinds of traps to Targets. It censors us and limits our options..most of all it keeps us silent and unable to take action by making a decision, due to the unanswerability of the riddle itself. It resembles a figure 8. Into eternity this thought process goes on and on becuz the brainwashing has convinced is that only two dual modes of action are available to us and neither one is quite good enough.

Especially Survivors of Ritual Abuse and mind control are managed with this kind of manipulation. Its becuz being treated as slaves all our lives we are used to double binds, tricks and having few options to begin with. We are raised with manipulations meant to maintain control over us. I recall my mother was expert at this. I could always see the cracks in it though.

My dream states are active again. Of course its all terror and being frightened or manipulated.
This morning I dreamed a certain person who helped my ex lavished platonic attentions on me. A lot of what has been going on lately has been a constant battering with material meant to make nice with me. The Bushes are my friends and support me in what I am doing. The jerks that helped Jake back home were actually rooting for me all along or are doing so now. Its a constant activity to shape and mold my attitudes towards my enemies. Typical psy ops. Peace making. Typical of wartime overseas ending. Now they want to neutralize not enemies but people like us Targets who can now be VICTIM WITNESSES to war crimes and other offenses. We have to be silenced and put to sleep forever becuz we can no longer practically be labeled enemies of the state etc that have to be neutralized.

They make it impossible to take legal action. They want to make sure we are all shut out from the legal system as we are shut out of society generally.
Forcing those of us who have adapted and survived to live double lives and appear nothing is wrong to 'normal' people is also a tactic to limit us in getting to the perpetrator(s). One can't put one's full energy and life force forward when one is existing partially in another reality.

These tricks of manipulation of the mind, time, spirit and human emotions are typical to Satanic activity or even magickal activity. The public however cannot make the connection. They do not equate things unseen (such as psy ops and covert activities that are all documented to exist and the public accept their existence as reality) in our reality with magickal practice. They have been taught that magick exists only in movies and stories..and perhaps maybe just maybe in voodoo or Wicca. But it will never affect them personally.
Illusionwoth--stage magicians, fill their lives with the perception that magic is simply cheap tricker its relatively harmless and meant to entertain only.

They are never taught the power of the mind especially in war. Beyond the mind. And imagine now with the added use of chemicals (chemtrails, flouride, etc) and technologies to aid the designers.

Most of all the public doesn't want to believe society is managed by such forces. And if it is, since its pretty good for them then YOU, the Targeted Individual must deserve your predicament and such a system must be working to keep them and society safe.

They are keeping people sick and stupid is what they have been doing and those of us who are a threat are exposed to just how far they will go to keep the truth from being believed. Its out there its just kept unpopular and in the realm of conspiracy theory- more use of the herd mentality AGAINST the herd themselves, so they stay in line.

There's been Truman Show Syndrome here depending on what room I go into. Each section of the building having a different affect and that is consistent.

THERE IS WI FI HERE AS WELL AS SATELLITE TV. That is going to make any location hard for a TI. The location I am in however affords some ability to fight back and maintain.

The Truman Show Syndrome is definately connected to technology but I can't tell if its WIfi specifically or satellite TV...or some combination? Everyone has a cell phone too.

As usual I am not in fear of my sanity being questioned due to my mother's experimentee status and evidence of such works as MINDWAR by Michael Aquino and the military as well as how many criminals I had around me my own mother included, all with motive to silence me permanently. I also did not realize how tied into the Military Industrial Complex Massachusetts was. And how disgusting and corrupt Harvard is.

Without marketing these realities out of the public eye they would have no chance of hiding what is obvious truth from them.

I notice that it takes special effort or reference point for me to recall the years past I had been targeted, how much of my youth, beauty and strength have been lost. I am kept in constant interface. To become used to the person I am now as normal. To be content with that. That is their goal.

To keep me from what I have been robbed of and should be comp