“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Female Abuse Of Power?/ The Dark Herd

All this time I have been focusing on men being the main source of abusing power. What if its ultimately a woman I should be looking for or realizing that's who's behind this? A female perhaps in law enforcement or military or some other power position. Someone like my mother: jealous to the point of psychopathic and petty...also favoring men over women or protecting someone male.

There are a lot of females in on this that already fit that description anyway: Jake's mother couldn't stop blaming me for her sons reactions instead of taking responsibility for her upbringing of him, Julia, my mother and other females in my maternal as well as paternal families. My mother especially stands out. How can someone so NOBODY in the world have so much influence? She has bragged before about ruining lives of people who displeased her in some way, so obviously she is into the power tripping in a gs campaign. But in my situation she seemed ultimately more afraid and intimidated to act as she did as opposed to her getting revenge on someone. My mothers family is screwed up anyway-anyone who harbors a severe and violent pedophile like her father for as long as they did are not very in touch with reality and they are no good. My cousin can provide all the whitewash they want, you can't change the past nor the truth. And that includes her police connections through that idiot detective who's my grandmothers nephew or whatever he is. Waltham has always been screwed up and nothing has changed much. Along with Brighton, Watertown and Newton these cities in that area continue to behave as if its the old days and such places can remain insular and cut off from the system at large, doing whatever they please.

Other females as well seemed quite pleased with the results of this long term campaign as of my last visit to Boston area. A few rich bitches from the NA trust fund crowd come to mind.

Exactly who do these people think they are? They actually believe that just becuz an extremely large network of screwed up people take part in destroying ONE individual nationwide that somehow its going to be final, that its going to stick. That they will never pay for what they did.

All this does is prove that America is a huge sick piece of sh*t like the rest of the world claims. And a lot of people were in on terrorizing me and either laughing about it or being arrogant about it. Powertripping. Americans think they have a right to do anything to anyone just becuz they can't get spoiled rotten anymore becuz thier jobs don't "pay like they used to".

The real reason America seeks to destroy countries that have any real spirituality like India, Islamic countries or other developing nations or native cultures is becuz the people in these cultures aren't as geared towards the childishness, greed and snobbishness of Westerners. Young people from India are now absolutely unbearable snobs or greedy and judgemental like Americans. Their native spirituality is dead. And its been done by getting them into successful western fields like tech. The older or more traditional women are always kind to me and due to Eve Teasing I think they sense they are looking at oppression when they see me begging and don't judge as harshly as some female jerk from MIT.

The system in America has now made it basically mandatory to support covert ops and warfare against individuals if not entire groups in order to get what people want. All this is doing is bringing out the worst in humans.

We have seen this in East Germany, that the common people KNEW what was happening and they went along anyway, in order to live normally or gain favor. The interviews taken from such people show that they knew what was transpiring but did what they had to to please the authority figure so they may have as someone else is forced to have not.

I think the basic difference in peoples is that some humans find this unacceptable and others will go along to get what they want. Its probably as simple as genes. Which is why there are records of dissidents children being kept down in East Germany simply becuz they were too much like the offending parent.

This lion heart gene if you will probably decides who will say no to something like this and who will do what corrupt authority wants regardless of what the individual thinks. Also many humans seem to take to mobbing someone quite naturally which again is difference in make up.

Why people would do something like that for money instead of other crimes I don't understand. Strangely, its real career criminals who have felt most guilty about me being mobbed and always drop infomation-perhaps they also understand that many 'normal' people who would never commit crimes such as they do are more than willing to take part in mobbing someone.

Its still mind blowing to have experienced the behavior of so many individuals across the United States taking part in organized stalking and harassment, all usually with little smiles on their faces.

It strikes me that so many people in everyday average jobs with that much bad character and capacity for being involved in covert ops makes for an overall very screwed up, bad country full of scumbags. Which is why American citizens like me are discredited as mentally ill and or deserving of this treatment....becuz my case, my telling what was done to me makes every single terrorist sound validated. Every single foriegn critic of American lifestyle, the country, its government and the people itself is completely right in their assessment of the United States. Just scum, under cover. Hiding. Pretending.

And the beloved people of this country didn't care who was behind my being targeted or what they represent- only how much they paid or what they could get out it...becuz those jobs just don't pay the way they used to, or in order to take their careers further they needed that very hard to get grant money.

The public who are told gs doesn't exist don't understand why everyone world wide hates us. Its becuz the Guy next to you or your coworker might be a piece of shit who thinks somewhere in his or her little skull that they are smarter than you. They imagine themselves as stealth and in on something secretive and deliciously wrong. They want to be like criminals or Satanists but simply don't possess the real intelligence, skill or backbone to do it for real, so, like going to the movies which is their basic level of maturity, they take part in something passive, where they can be part of a crowd hiding in the dark. With ushers to protect them.

They fancy themselves part of a dark herd but keep in mind they are still a herd. Not a real extreme cult, not a special forces group but simply sheep-gone rabid.

They possess not the talent smarts nor skill to be on either side of the crime/law axis. They are the disgusting sort of American that, for example gets into bogus lawsuits becuz.its popular in the 80s and their excuse is "I wont get caught becuz everyone is doing it". And they are extremely afraid of official authority: they need to see that the law is either approving.of it or turning a blind eye. They are worse than criminals- they are The People. This is what Machiavelli warned of. That in the end, the hearts of men are black.

Yet during the Bush era it was more a case of men and women being easily controlled mere animals, being put to work by a tyrannical administration who were simply representing the special interests of a world wide elite.
And the same goes on under the Kenyan Harvard grad except you're not supposed to notice it for what it is and you get a cut in wages...and a lollipop from this more kinder gentler continuation of the same insanity.
Hmmm....kinder gentler. Now who do we recall that coming from in years past. Hmph, someone has a taste for assault then being kind.to the wounded victim.

Hmph just like a mindless ape, after attacking and crushing the skull of a rival ape's child the ape will attempt to put the skull back together lovingly and rock the dead baby, gently.

We are dealing with animals. And the mind control in place has the ability to control human animals completely. So much for Bush's (insane) dream of no longer going by the law of the jungle. Its simply the law by mind control now IN THE SAME HUMAN JUNGLE. This f*cker doesn't want true peace or humanism or people understanding one another, he and his want control. End of story.

Yet, its not the extreme people involved in this that make me sick....its the American public. At least the evil criminal geniuses are geniuses. When I run hundreds of memories over and over of years of gs and see their faces and the settings...it is overwhelming but yet it makes sense..its what I have always known. That your average person cannot tell between right and wrong and is greedy and stupid to such a fault in this country and they are inferior. Its that simple.

And without my believing there are some good folk out there who either don't
know what's going on or are targeted I would be inclined to agree with the elite .

Is it really Bush...seriously ? Or is he and his family fronting or being scapegoat ed for other forces in this country or world wide? Whoever helped my ex, his buddies are very close to the actual source..cmon the mafia Cannot be that goddamned powerful not on its own.
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