“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Slept In Trailer, Mental and Emotional Effects Lessened

Slept in trailer last night. Whats interesting about it was that being contained within most of the mental confusion, anxiety and constant interface ceased. I believe its simply wood and metal. It could be that no windows is a factor or that false environments like stores part of thier creation is pumping mind control out through either the backround music playing or seperately through a wifi system.

I know that I experience being very interfaced with when I enter a Walmart or Target for instance and all grocery stores. Then upon exiting that specific influence whatever its content was ceases upon exiting. Perhaps it could also be cell phones collectively in a contained large space and or along with whatever influence comes from wifi or speakers overhead. Now I think about it that might be creating an electromagnetic nightmare within an enclosed space like stores. However its not just happenstance since I have experienced outright gang stalking in many chains like Walmart and Target. Not necessarily grocery stores though it depends on where or the chain. Whole Foods for instance was a total nightmare during Bush. Yet now when I go in there I dont get gs and the remote influence consists of something similar to what I experience in Walgreens: thst what was done is wrong and I should seek justice get lawyers etc. Alot of sympathetic content. But it has little effect becuz its only for a short time compared to how negative and confusion making the influence is generally outside.

And I am outside most of the day and night.

Its no surprise that the powers that be have made it harder for homeless people to stay inside anywhere that isnt specifically managed for them like shelters. Places that would block microwave signal like underground in train stations or in certain buildings for instance. All one has to do is drive selected Targets into homelessness, discredit them and its easy to completely destroy them from there or behavior modify them as outlined in Aquino's MINDWAR paper.

I did however experience one harassment that was specific in content yet I was able to Will this away, counter it. The thing thst was striking about it was thst it was singular, there seemed to be little else present in the environment.