“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, October 10, 2011

Yesterday was awful. By the time i left that college area it even felt like Armegeddon. Blacks and Chinese young people mostly were the ones doing things to make fun. People would walk by an laugh a bit or a black kid would point and say "what is SHE doing here". some very old tactics were tried, like from 2007 but they were pretty easy to ignore.

also when people mocked me, the student types, they did so like trying to convince themselves i wasnt a threat.

i simply slept elsewhere. screw the college area. i notice nationwide colleges have alot of perps and are managed with tech.

Probably wanted to make sure the kids didnt give them any trouble during all these screw ups which are really to bring in the NWO.

And since the anti drug culture has arisen, they can no lomger do what Nixon did, fly in pot to keep the students quiet. (That story comes from a man who claimed to have flown the plane. My uncle-in-law used to sell him pot. In fact that uncle knew alot.of people like that through his drug dealing. People that broke down govt computers, people who were supposedly targeted by the CIA. Why were his connections like that?)

I havent done any decent blogging since i was in an apartment with a laptop and that place in Dorchester MA was so heavily targeted I lost my mind (more evidence for them I am nuts I guess). Boston is the absolute height of scum in this whole thing. One of the worst cities around.