“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, October 10, 2011

Targeted Means Your Actions Are Focused On Not Anyone Elses

I am now on a sort of free bus where i am gertting the ideation thst someone is looking at me in utter disgust (driver or perhaps cameras) and thinking there is that welfare cheat.

oh you mean like Olnick the company in NY that i sued for the moldy apartment that screwed me up for life- how they were using HUD money by giving Harlem politicians low income spaces to use as politicial headquarters? Which some wonderful faction or person was lovely and just enough to bust them for after they helped this system destroy my life?

Like my old associate Julia who pulls in wads.of money and probably has a million dollars stashed away in Florida with good ol' fat uncle Tex yet she was on MassHealth and so were her kids after she popped them out?
Or cheats like my mother lying about all those lawsuits? Or like Jake robbing the copy shop he worked for blind so he could do his and other band's graphic design free, trade that for drugs and sell that to get money to suppoert his band?

Or like Sheryl Rosenburg who comes from a loaded and obnxious stereotype Jewish family that has her kid on SSI supposedly, even while they buy her new cars, he attends Berklee school of music and her ex husband also supports her and the only work she does is to sell properties for her mother?

You in the rest of the country don't know much about the northeast do you? Basically you are taught to cheat the system since birth, firstly becuz it keeps you out of the affluent people's hair and secondly becuz its considered slick organized crime like behavior to be smart like that. Trying to earn an outright honest living in Boston is impossible unless you are already backed or wealthy and know what you are doing in business.

To be TARGETED means that you are picked out of a crowd of people and whatever the smear campaign will comsist of most likely the people around you or the culture you come from or the region you live in others are doing that too or the mindset is a common one. The smear campaign will make you look as if you are Cain and invented being corrupt.

And in a country full of weak minded, spineless people who refuse to really stand up to corrupt authority, becuz it might affect thier Disneyland vacation and daily fantasies they unconshusly live in, you will be a focus for the People.

A bunch of abused children who either cant stand up to the abuser or agree with trading masochism for material gain.

But again, America did not become a bunch of dumbed down ghetto worshipping, slave culture imitating, YUPpie naive out of touch losers just on their own.

Theres so much electromagnetic and microwave AND chemical interference with America's population, they cant help but behave like animals, as they are daily treated like mere animals.

America used to be a great country, a culture. It is now a great Mall mixed with a YUPpie style living space, all with a corporate prison feel to it, with perhaps a few remnants of its true past culture remaining, to sell the old AMERICAN brand name of course.
There was an article in a financial paper about late 90s. A financial advisor, Byron Wein made a statement that embarassed his firm. He claimed that in ten years, Europe would be nothing but an open air museum.
This is now what America feels like. This has been planned. The evidence is all there especially if you look back into the financial world. There are academics who will tell you how this has been a long time coming financially. Its been set up long ago. But the news talks to the American public as if this information does not exist.

The American public in many ways are akin to Targeted Individuals. They have been taken hostage and isolated. Terrorized and then brainwashed, now denied the full opportunities that should be allowed to them. Kept down.

And the obsessions with technologies are in part what has us isolated so. The music now bringing in the worst of the ghetto culture with a style of rap that is made purposely to get the listener used to the idea of being cold hearted. The rap coming out since the 90s has musically been constructed to remove care and entrain humans to be less feeling. The rap and hip hop now is completely all about removing emotion from the human heart, training the person to be cold hearted.

This was the price the house slaves have to pay to 'get theirs'. If they had not helped the CIA sell crack or fund Iran Contra, they never would have been allowed to rise in power. Read historically what has happened to African Americans attempting to do so in the past.

Sub Saharan African peoples, always seperated from the classical ancient world by a massive desert, have always been enslaved by others. It isnt right and I dont believe this is their purpose on earth. They also had some decent culture over in Africa, Amastaad being an example of that. But the American African has been so mixed, so displaced, so abused, so bear down and held captive for so long that they are constantly in danger of falling back into slavery. Gone is the struggling civil rights black American where other peoples were also struggling. They now seem.completely out for themselves, and you can thank the knuckleheads from 70s feminism for getting suckered into defending ANY man when it should have soley been about women.