“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, October 10, 2011

Here in AZ the light rail they were building is now completed. The place sucks worse now as it feels like any other YUPpie city or urban environment. There are more blacks here than I recall seeing in 2007. Its probably the light rail train.

It could also be that they are being put in my path, especially the ones who make comments or act in annoying ways becuz the psy ops people realize thats pretty much the only trigger left to get me pissed off and.to react.to get comtinued evidence I am a horrible person etc.

The N word has now become my common response to black males anywhere at any time. Its always a toss up as to if its a set up or if its simply their bad behavior.

A black guy just stood beside me and stared at the shuttle stop until I gave him the finger and told him off, after moving.of course. He quietly got on the shuttle bus, which makes you wonder why he was standing around especially exactly in that positioning.

Just now moments later there were a large group of blacks getting on the shuttle and they were dressed ghetto and typically young and obnixious.

AZ isnt going to be spared. They will come in here the more leniant (stupid) and politically correct (brainwashed for self destruction) the place gets.
They come here acting like whites should be afraid of them, the.ones that arent at the college. The kids at the college.often look like they are picked.on alot.for being black which isnt right either especially bexuz they arent the kinds.who are a.problem.

Id have to say the first guy was a set up and these kids just now were coincidence.

See though what a great resource and medium blacks are for psy.ops.games?

Itll drive u nuts trying to figure out fools from operatives. The kids looked at my surprised when I gave.them the finger on their way out on the shuttle, which of course infuriates them becuz they cant use their standard intimidation and violence.to problem.solve, another reason poor whites are being destroyed if they dont take on the ghetto culture.

I do believe its time to create a safe haven for poor or any.other person of European ancestry, one that doesnt think Hitler was a great man and all that craziness you find when.looking through white special interest sites. No sexism or Christianity either, no manifest destiny crap. There is no shining kingdom to defend, just folk. And simple self.defense against the oppressive class holding power and their house slaves as well as any other invaders.