“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, October 9, 2011

TIs Exist Isolated and Alone and Die Still Suffering Their Wounds

Walked with my back pack all the way to supermarket. When checking out I was watching the MK Ultra #10 video on my mp3. This light skinned black guy behind me, looked like a senoir in college or very yung professional , caught him looking with suprise and amusement as he looked at screen. I looked right at him, he was caught off guard. I called him a house slave and that hit him and took away any power he THOUGHT he had by being in on this. How many assholes in this country are in on this anyway?
I cannot believe I was born into a country that hates me so much and has used me as a human sacrifice at the end of my life. Its ridiculous that someone with this much potential lives in the street and will die in poverty.
The world needs TI testimonies. They need to know that whatever America once was is no more. Its a cavity thats been invaded by parasites and now lives only as a zombie, the most vile people in existence hiding behind "America", treating it as a brand name.

This country is nothing more than a formerly great product bought out by scum corporate and then run as if it were still the orignal.

Its like even bothering to buy Chanel designs looong after the great designer herself has died. Tacky people buy into these kinds of styles..that and Gucci (augh). The Gucci family hasnt owned the brand for years yet we still see people selling it as if its something special. Special can no longer exist in a corporate culture. People dont realize what is being done to humanity to ensure corporate think takes over the human mind and spirit not just the lifestyles we live.
Its already happened and we now have an entire two or three generations that represent that decline in the awareness of that happening. The youngest generation born native knows nothing about the times that came before. They know norhing about true freedom and are comletely formed for the NWO. All the system has to do is continue to keep us quiet and targeted until we age and die.

The mind control, individual and en mass has now come to a point of controlling its subjects completely.

They are desperate to keep people like me trapped in the USA so that we cant go to the rest of the world and tell them how right they are about America.

People just ignore me when I walk past, I mean they often look, seem to realize who I am and just turn and pretend I dont exist.
Like I said, how many scumbag citizens are in on this?

When I die I know I acted as a true American, not a citizen of New America, the total scumbag nation. And I want out of here so I can be free to tell my story to people who will be more than happy to listen not ignore me. There are places in Europe where people have permanent anti Bush era sentiments and its going to remain that way, thus they are anti Amwrican. Obviously like the rest of us who refuse to give in to the false timeline thats been created, they are holding onto the truth- the genuine timeline that was supposed to exist. I dont feel like by all logic I shoukd be living on the streets with no way out, no legal recourse and with most stupid people believing I am merely mentally ill. Yet the forces that make America what it is do this all the time.

The disgusting covert stuff you used to read about that made way for the USA to be the power that it is, has now gone technologically advanced as well as space age if you will. Scientists boast all the time about how sophisticated things have become...(yet people still sleep in the streets...hmmm) and we then assume that classified projects are even moreso. Timelines can be altered and thats all there is to it. And I have lived through the horror of what that entails. Before I die I would dearly like to know what that burning sensation is when one comes into contact with certain extremely nasty types of gang stalking perps. Its not like any of the weapons youve ever experienced. Its not akin to being microwaved or any of the other tech or chemical warfare either. Its almost unearthly. During Bush I started to experience reality as quite unearthly, especially from 2007-2009. Those were the worst years. They were different from the more occult like ritual abuse I experienced during the early part of Bush. It wasnt occult in nature, I wish it was becuz that is easier to deal with and understand.

And for the rest of your life you suffer from coming into contact with whatever those forces were during those years. The burning stays with you as part of your nervous system. Its what permanently separates you from humanity until death, its what keeps you insane. Locks you into a.permanent state of semi insanity. Its what makes you feel like you are walking around still burning, its akin to a chemical burn but to the mind, heart and soul as well as the spirit within. Its as if every moment of your waking existence you wake up to being chemically burned and it doesnt stop until you can finally sleep at night.

Being targeted you are forced to not say anythijg about it and live in silent torture for the remainder of your life.
Being programmed one can at least comlartmentalize it and create another reality to live in..but in reality, the real you and your situation has suffered these things in real life and that real you is still living that chemical burn sensation as well as the mind runs memories repeatedly daily.

And you wonder why people snap? I beliece alot of these people have been so tortured, so pushed and pressured, and most key is INDUCING BRAIN DAMAGE. My theory from experience is that its more than just torture. Its the brain damage that along with the damage to the spirit that eventually causes uncontrollable violence.

You can destroy any part of the body but the greatest living horror for a human being, that literally destroys THE PERSON within is damage to that one specific organ, the brain.

And its one thing to be kidnapped off the streets and detained and tortured. Its quite another to make someone feel that their own country, thier homeland and their fellow Americans are the place the torture takes place as well as the people who are doing it.

TIs have lived a greater horror than any genocided Jew, any victim of torture at a prison camp, any prisoner. These people all had one thing TIs dont have: companionship while being destroyed and murdered. Or the comfort in knowing that you are dying in an enclosed space but that there is freedom outside if only you could escape. Having the idea to hold onto of a safe place outside the death camp to escape to is what Targeted Individuals do NOT have.

My mother said once that my situation was terrible becuz it sounded like "no place is safe"...then of course she helped them with their campaign by turning on me , pretending she never abused me or knew this was indeed a campaign of harassment and tried to suggest I was merely mentally ill like my father. (who was only labeled mentally ill due to going around blabbing that my mother and her family were involvrd in a secret project involving the CIA and military, which of course basically sums up MK Ultra, the CIA end and the radiation experiments shes a documented experimentee of, the military end). They all thought this was going to be so nice and neat. That it could be finished up so quietly and so easily. Hell as far as most of these scum are concerned, its done. I lost, I am controlled. I now live among a population of people who handle me and watch out for me but cintinue to be dishonest with me to keep me brainwashed and silent. To keep me living in the alters I have created to deal with how traumatizing this has been. How many truckers arent just doing a different kind of work as perps now, simply by warching out for me now thst I have become incapacitated and so braindamaged that I often cant remember what i did thst day if someone asks how i spent my day. or last week. I can't remember if i ate a meal or not but try to so i dont get fat from eating out of forgetting.

Many of these truckers have been severely screwed over by women and fit the profile for that kind of perp as a motive. Also one.of them the other day over the phone told me about his ex as he often does and that she was beauriful but her family was screwed up and he ended by saying that some family lines should be ended. Like sterilization in Eugenics.

Strangely many of the truck rides i get are from guys who are compelled to tell me all about how rotten their wives were to them. I of course suspect these are people in on this much of rhe time but moreso look them over and wonder about them being child molesters ( they always have at least one really screwed up kid) or other bad traits that perhaps got them into such a mess, or perhaps that they were just to naive at the time to do anything about it.

I think men make much more dangerous victims than women do. Men form hunting parties and brotherhoods over such things....women are left alone to die, isolated with such wounds.

No one cares of course and the greatest cover for a war crime and human rights abuse is making the victin out to be, in the end, some washed up older woman angry at the world . It especially helps if, like in my case, u make her out to be disgarded by a male figure so it looks like a bitter divorcee situation and it also helps if the public percieves shes been disgarded also by tge male authority that runs society. In a malecentric, Judeo-Christian 'king' worshipping culture , especially one turned away from woman's power by running to the king and his men for protection from scary terrorist goblins and other various seld styled bogey men, what more could you ask for.

The secret to the Mona Lisa is simply deception as art.
Duh. Now get with the program and wake up so my suffering isnt all for not.