“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, October 9, 2011

House Slaves Getting Thier Payoff For Thier People Seen Nationwide

I am in Starbucks in a college city in the southwestern USA. A typically red state, a circle of college students are listening to a young black male, hes the center of attention. The young whites are listening to him. Hes planning a film shoot. He knows nothing about the state and asks what its known for. He talks with a strong Ebonic accent, almost southern. He then makes many comments throughout that reminds one more of a black caricature with watermelon and tap.shoes than a smart, upwardly mobile black male.

One of his comments was about not wanting to carry a chair down the street out of a (secondhand) store, and made lite jokes about it not looking right, and that the SWAT teams would probably be called.

This scenario i have seen repeated over and over throughout the US. The white affluent classes are more than happy to work with up and coming African Americans, foriegn born ethnics more so than deal with anyone white who is of a different class.

In Berkekely, some of the old timers were saying that the lower and middle class whites are kept out of the college, becuz they would "realize their situation".

This a-hole gets to make guilt inducing jokes light heartedly yet he gets to go home to a place probably has a car too. I still live on the street.

I am SICK AND TIRED of living among this little relationship that rich whites have with their former slave labor or any other ethnic group they feel they should be helpful to as long as they dont threaten their position.

And as far as whites in power using underhanded methods to secure that power, I am tired of a nation to brainwashed and naive to realize that African Americans in large part are, and always will be what Malcolm X referred to as 'house slaves'. Ensuring that no field slaves escaped so they could continue to enjoy their own heightened status, as well as guarding the white man's riches, power and possessions for him.
There is a reason that blacks are security guards much of the time in the US and it isnt just becuz they cant get anything else.

Its been very smart of this system to keep trying to make any of us fighting out here to look like 'lone extremists'. This is the relationship the whites in power have always had with blacks and its the base of the Obama Deception. Even black militants agree that Obama is just furthering what Bush started.

But no one cares about that. All they see is a world that looks less and less racist and provides more ever growing opportunities for non whites.

There is the world of the resukts of covert actions and then there is the reality of what really goes on to secure a high quality of life for some Americans.

Most people are not interested in the realities and are happy with the results. This in itself is a hand in hand relationship with the innately corrupt power structure. And its what the bad guys bet on to keep victim witnesses marginalized and not believed.

i have come to realize that the only way anyone has ever succeeded in this country without being a criminal genius themselves, is to kiss the ass of this messed up power structure.

I may tap dance a bit and smiiiile around my watermelon when I panhandle but I dont base my life on it. And I never will.