“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, October 7, 2011

Visions Of Jerks Dancing In My Head

Why do I keep getting flashes of vision, that are of my ex boyfriend Jake's friend and bandmate (guitarist) Drew Shadarway? Like it happens alot sometimes, like somebody somewhere is trying to tell me something...like that person is key somehow.

Thatz interesting and all but my mother's status as being a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra is alot more compelling than anyone involved in the cover story back in Boston.

Why is he so key to all this? yeah he was miserable and jealous that his best friend, Jake-the quintessencial 'fat kid' finally had a looker for a girl friend, and then probably blamed me for everything else that went down, like all those rich kids did out of convenience.
He used to get this groupie bimbo named Ingrid to horror show Jake at the night club to embarass him, just another way of keeping his exploitable friend in line I guess. Hed stand behind the bar with a perp-like smirk. Hed refer to me as "fancy pants" under his breath bexuz back then I was still young enough to look good dressed up. Real mature choice of insult huh? Real sophisticated.

Sounds like baby talk. Gee youd think his dad being a big shot Arab lawyer, and being the attorney for The Middle East rock club (where Jake got busted coincidentally) would make you a bit more dangerous in the verbal skills area.

So much of what occurred was centered in Newton.

Newton can sink into the earth and perish as far as I am concerned.

The real reason for me being targeted is so much more compelling, much more serious and scary than a mere tantrum from a bunch of screwed up rich kids (including the Pettitis) from Newton.