“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, October 7, 2011

Birthday Mess/Red Mass

Theres this ridiculous story about a birthday party that my ex Jake had at his rehearsal space. The wanna be band kids decided to somehow get the cake to slide down the hallway. It was a mess. Jake whined to me like he usually did, that Drew had HIM clean it up.

I saw the former manager of the place, Anthony a few months ago and that incident was what he used to describe the way he remembered those brats while renting space there.

Scott made some references to The Sound Museum, like some covert filming was going on there.

Hey...thats right. I now recall that at Sam Brody's alcoholic dad's run down house in Newton, I once saw Drew over seeing what looked like an ametuer video or film processing operation. I asked what it was naively and Jake asked sharply " Well, what does it look like?". I didn't ask anymore questions.

In case you the reader dont know the connections, Sam Brody was not only a drummer and friend of Jake's but was the kid he got busted with in the parking lot of that club. Sam is also the grandson of Barbra Pettiti, the land lady of that building where musteriously broken pipes eventually led to my apartment becoming moldy, makinv me sick.

She is also the person who had the building in the name of Warren Hall Trust with her Newton home address as the trust's address. Which she liquidated real quick and relocated to Wayland almost as quickly, when I began proceedings to sue Warren Hall Trust, Hampton Management NY owned ultimately by Olnick in NYC also.

Years later someone did the decency of busting Olnick for using HUD funded apartments to rent out to black Harlem politicians for their political offices.

Gee, if yer gonna embezzle or misuse govt funding, you may want to fix things wrong witj the apartments so that tenants dont draw attention to your scams(duhhhh).

And these are the criminals that Mitt Romney helped and approved of..becuz it obviously doesnt matter how you get rich....as long as you are.
That is what Bush is sponsoring for president in 2012.

I am sure MA for the first time in history will be colored red in history books of that election..kinda the way one can look at a graph for the year of the Kennedy election in the 60s, and see NV colored all blue which was unusual for that usually red state.

Helps to have friends in organized crime I guess.