“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sensible, Sucessful People Fear Corrupt, Omnipotent Power..Unfortunately I Dont

Geez, Steve Colbert keeps having military on his show. Its always seemed to me its so that the show doesnt seem to Leftist. He did that hysterical vid on living in a policr state during Bush.

The way the military reps talk about what is going on youd think there is no corruption, no misdeeds, no abuse of power and especially no covert ops that are an intricate part of the designs that create our world.

Its interesting to see someone that confident and with an ability to insult people so methodically and efficiently be humbled by anyone.

People really are afraid of messing with the military. Strangely the way the special forces officer was speaking was with the sense of power over society and the host he's speaking to as the Catholic church rep who i posted interviewing Bush. That vid I posted where the creepy host asks what Bush sees when he looks at the Pope and Bush answered 'god'.

There is something eerily similar to these two powerful men's attitudes. And interestingly two people I never expected to see grovel, have done so in the presence of two representatives of these age old power structures.

Its sad that, being born into this, basically thrown into this mess, I simply didnt understand what was going on, didnt know I was supposed to be afraid, cautious...ass kissing even after being f*cked over, abused and exploited.

Its too late now. My life has been destroyed. I simply dont care.

This kid from Berkeley told me the scars on his hands were from his dad stabbing knives through them. I asked why he would do such a thing.
He said he did something that caused the cops to show up at the house. His dad was a heroin dealer and didn't appreciate this. He looked at me and claimed this is when he learned what happens when you mess with the wrong people.

I thought for a moment and disregarded it. I woke up to this situation essentially. I do my best, what I feel is right. And now that I have grown to 'know better' its too late to turn back. The right thing still needs to be done. Finalized.

(as I wrote this, browser froze up as if often does. So it took since starting it at around 11:15 or so until 12:08 am. Need to note that I felt a complete relief, a drop in anxiery, worry, mental fog....I looked at the clock it said 11:30. Exactly. I soon womdered why I had wasted my day doing whatever when it could have been much more structured and productive. I also would like to know why I posted so much. I simply cannot get anything meaningful done and keep focus. Its obvious why.)