“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some Interesting Reflections on Race and Mike Tyson

(dont get pissed off over this. Its what I use to survive. What else do you suggest? Its not like I have a normal life.)

A racial theory on Mike Tyson. Dont be so confident that only an African American man could be such a great fighter. Admittedly, African DNA provides alot of benefit for positive qualities. However, I look at Mike Tyson and as a 40 year old female, whos been looking at men and observing them all my life, men from different cultures and countries, there is something about Tyson that, in a primitive way speaks of a cold weather body. The body and moves of a cold weather born and surviving male. Women see men's bodies differently.

Most of the time watching sports I am not paying attention to sport, often I am observing the male physique, the moves, the energy. Something primitive whispers of looking to the winner for protection and or babies. The best of the tribe, somewhere in our far off past as humans.

Its certainly sexual depending on the kinds of men I am looking at, but its also perverse. Women may posses a sort of Roman obscene streak, to want to see the two gladiators fight to the death, perhaps it is just the Roman in ME.

I dont know what men think when watching other men in sport, especially one where men are half naked, bloody and sweaty. I know however, what women often keep to themselves. About viewing the male physique.

Something about Tyson's moves are, along with the obvious expression of African...seem quicker and more demanding of efficiency than a man born from a hot area of the world. The need for speed and exacting results.

Also, his features are curious to me, the build of his body and his facial features. There are a few stills, of showing him walking away after a knock out, the way he moves, the way he walks. His body language. I have seen this before, but where?

Viewing a few choice Black Metal boys from Norway is where.

I looked up Tyson as a surname. The last name Tyson is found in Sweden but also is common in Norway, spelled as Tysen. It is the name of a city and town in both countries. There are numerous people with this last name from these areas.

Like it or not I may not be gaining inspiration solely from our most distant ancestors from Africa but also from Norsemen.
Perhaps only in African form, with a tough Bronx upbringing can the ancient brutality of the epic Viking attacks be reborn.

This is to put down African Americans, its to show that within all of us is DNA that we might find surprising. The racial lines that have been drawn in our PC culture have only caused racism to differ, and be expressed in what is deemed acceptable ways, which are NOT acceptable.

Humans have to get realistic about DNA and where we come from. I think the biggest fear of the powers that be is that we will find more similarities or learn to accept who we are and appreciate each other as we become proud of what we are, in total, not arrogant about who we think we are, what the latest social engineering scheme wants us to be or think about ourselves or others.

Mike might be my cousin, who the f*ck knows??

Also his training was from Italians...am I making my point? There is no better race, simply people who excel. (Hmph, if only the system lets them.)