“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Attempted Assault of Some Kind, Bad Premonition

Almost just got robbed. Pulled a weapon that isnt usually a weapon. Screamed until they left becuz after I ditched being closed in on, one of the guys flipped out and tried to charge me, only the weapon and screaming made the little p*ssies leave.
Cops were called but I was cleared for self defense and not being local. And if anyone wants.to get cute with claims that I was flipped out for no reason, THE FOOTAGE IN THE CAMERA AT THE SITE OF THE POTENTIAL ROBBERY HAS AUDIO OF HIM SCREAMING AND CHARGING ME AFTER I AVOIDED HARM, which is when I pulled a potential weapon.

I had a vibe about this. I had a feeling I was in danger and also that someone was trying to set me up potentially.

There were other options much wiser to hang around tonight. Why did I not think clearly? Choose more wisely?

Becuz this is what happens over time in these circumstances. Your mind is on other things. I am so focused on my book, or other things I want to get done, that I dont live in the moment,sometimes not always.

I get this impression also that for some reason here on in, there will be more of these attempts. That the system will be closing in, trying to get me labeled nuts or convicted of a crime at least set up to look that way.

Ho hum, its back to the Bush years I guess.

That election IS getting very close indeed.