“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting Ever More Impatient With Interference From African DNA

UNM library. No one dominates, takes over and then cant make any decisions on thier own like African Americans, especially females. No one guards the white man's interests, property and money like African bloods. Only a black woman can nowadays interfere with a younger white male's dominance to play Mammy for the power structure.

Since they feel they dont have the power to make decisions on thier own, they hold strictly to the rule of the authorities. And they especially love holding down other women who are also powerless over thier oppressors, thus spreading around thier powerlessness.

If I had known so many years ago that the blacks coming after me were merely house slaves, that they were simply trying to keep me down and immerse me into thier culture for the upper classes interests, I would have perhaps been alot more successful in taking on and fighting my oppressors.

Something has to be done to advocate for poor whites or non African descendants. I am here and so many Natives are just messed up. Its a Indian Nation spiritual hurt. They must learn to drink right from childhood.

The Natives I see that do well are Anglicanized. Its very sad. There seems to be a class of Natives that are working and functional but also have Native interests at heart and work actively.

What is striking is that the people who seem most disfunctional within the 'white' or European ancestery Americans as well as the Native ones are primitives. Removed from the modern world, the mainstream. Perhaps this is also the issue with African Americans, but that is no longer in my scope of interest. They seem to be doing pretty well all by themselves these days, and really only want to dominate the rest of us for the oppressive upper classes or play ball with the Man to 'get thiers'. Many activist minded African Americans are Afrocentric in thier goals.

Forget it. I am done. After the black community in Boston as well as other cities, even gang stalking groups NATION WIDE attempting to basically kidnap me into thier culture and keep me down for the powerful, wealthy factions of this nation, I am going to be forced to pretty much divorce myself from anything and anyone African in ancestry. The few that I meet that are civil and decent are so far and few between that they cannot make up for the House slaves, Mammys, the little CIA's and Mafia's bitches in the gangs (who wouldnt be allowed to exist otherwise), uppity blacks and the young breeds coming up now who have such an innate sense of privilege mixed with thinking they are gangsta or by virtue of being African in descent, all whites fear them or they are stronger.


I do wish that blacks had followed thier intended path out of the civil rights movement. The lesson is that nothing in this country is allowed to exist that is good or decent. Its all got to be managed by corrupt factions within the power structure.

Blacks are not strong. They have been allowed to be put into a position that gives them a strong hold for the purposes known only to the designers of social engineering- the elite, that run our world. It seems they provide intimidation, exclusion of underclass whites as well as still being controlable deep down as house slaves.

They are soldiers at the gate of the mansion, that is all. They are being allowed to take a position in society that keeps the rich whites safe from the ever growing discontent of the underclass whites.

I believe I have read about revolutions in Europe. I recall they were sometimes instigated by secret societies but all seem to hail from the pissed off underclasses. They now have thier buffers.

African Americans are literally suffocating underclass whites and helping, along with YUPpies to destroy underclass white culture. And its all for the benefit of the NWO.

And I am sick to death of it.