“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anger and Racism From This TI..Like Any Other Over Time

I dont know whats up with the race thing lately. Ive just been pulled apart too far by African Americans.
I am on the verge of seeking out White Supremacists. Too much isolation probably.

That does not mean that, in my heart, I am not still routing for African American TIs like myself or thankful to the African Americans who have been helpful or inspiring.

Its very common for many activists to become so harassed and stalked that eventually they fall to hatred, strangely most seem to become anti-Semitic or against Blacks.

I know logically that the blacks I encounter are either perps or ignorant. But unfortunately, the conditions in this culture right now are producing alot of very arrogant, ignorant young African Americans with a gross sense of entitlement, which is poison to a Target who has been tormented and burned by blacks in an obvious organized fashion.

I admit that we need a bit of non Supremacist, non Separatist, non Christian white empowerment, in order to create a balance against the now dominant black culture and the ever dominant upper classes, but the anger I express is simply burn out from some very screwed up treatment by psy ops or black ops people and its hard to be any different.

I think also that the people who are behind this knew damn well what the mood and culture would become after Bush and during Obama and handled many of us as planned, in accordance with that. Now many of us feel that we are isolated, left behind by our country, our culture and our youth stolen from us. THEY KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. And the current environment is perfect to make us feel left out and more picked on by a rising African America.

This is nothing more than just another trap for many TI's. Dont tell me Mel Gibson simply lost it on his own. Its far too common for any activist messing with similar types of power structures to follow this exact path. Seems far too coincidental to be happenstance. Becuz its not. Its torture and brainwashing.

Just another trap, another holding pattern, another holding area, potentially for TIs.

Dont fall for it. I know it sucks, but dont. They WANT you to self-destruct. They WANT you to be seen as a horrible person, a hater without cause.