“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, September 10, 2011

yeah theres definately something wrong. the lower right abdomen that had sharp pains before i started bleeding rectally last month hurts now most of the time. it burns and feels sore like something is torn or wrong.

my midsection hurts daily for no reason and my liver hurts as if it is connected to it all. even lower in my intestines like upwards from where i sit, inside it hurts and it feels like something is wrong.

i am unusually tired daily as well.

its not surprising, there is little difference in the way a Target dies eventially, as long as they die.

this is probably why i was urged to get out of the boston area since winter. Something happened there. not onluly did my healrh take a terrible turn for the worst but my strength and spirit are gone. my imagination. ive been made as mild as a lamb from years of being gang stalked but there is this urge to die along with it. not in pain like from the years they were trying to get me to suicide but just to peacefully glide that way. my strength is so sapped from whatever this is.

i am in the right place. i will try to put together what i can before i get really sick. that is my main goal anyway...not that the general public will change thier views. also the public seemed well aware of what was being done to me to get this end result.

but believe that they will sit back in comfort and selfishly enjoy the story. becus thwt is the wway they are. terrible.

only those who dont want to live enslaved are going to care about the NWO. and the mechanocs of it.