“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, September 9, 2011

Growing Cancer Rates In USA Due To Fukushima/Sooo InconvenientC

Ever since the Fukushima fall out i have felt tired. There was one week where I couldnt stay awake or out of laying down for long. that was right after the fallout when US was warned of a cloud coming over.

I am really afraid lately that something may have developed in me. My midsection often hurts in a way i am not familiar with and that incident recently of rectal bleeding. I can feel the change in my health. I am unusually tired all the time. And that lack of life, the lingering depression feeling, it also feels like its part of all this.

It has crossed my mid that I would end up with cancer, becuz alot of people who are activists do. And many Targeted Individuals do surely. It seems like a covert ops favorite that and airplane accidents. Like all those witnesses in the Kennedy assasination. Odd, really..and a bit obvious.
I now understand why I was being directed to go to northeast Canada, in tue middle of nowhere. It was probably to avoid radiation exposure etc. And here I am now traveling right into it, like a fool.

I am not afraid of dying that way, in big picture its part of my 'job' if you will to disregard such things, as long as the information is delivered.
yet they may just be doing their jobs..and they know well how to string along someone like me to their own deaths from ill health.

There is no way I want chemo or any of that crap ever. Ive seen it its ridiculous. And I really screwed myself with aquiring that allergic reaction condition now becuz I cant just take anything I want like herbs as before, which I think were laregely responsible for keeping me healthy.

Perps make fun of my saying "Oh well" when it comes to the more severe things that go on pertaining to programming and being born into this predicament. Thats probably some Alter in there who's job it is to disregard life so that performance can be attained under any cirumstances. Making fun of it is probably part of forced deprogramming or any part of the campaign to weaken me.

You cant exactly scare someone with death who had alters that ARE death lol. Its pretty amusing to me but this is part of their psychological warfare.

It might also be to get me to disregard dangers to help ruin my health moreso, that and hospitals being downright rotten to me actually worked.

Well at least if thats the case I'll finally be thin again. Ha!