“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grantsville Utah..Nice Little Town Until The Perps Showed Up

Utah can blow me, once again. Romney territory.
Mormon territory.

was ok until stayed in Grantsville after dark (what is this a 'sundown town?' I am not a threat yet to a malecentric culture such as this...yeah, Im a threat.)

Got gang stalked from Quirk Street and East Maine Street east to SR 112 and SR 138. Old tactics like parking ahead of TI and leaving lights on then when TI approaches, drving off making sure this can be seen and the psychological effect is that Targrt feels survailled once again and it intimates being shunned or generally unwelcome in the community.

These are old tactics circa, Bush era gs.

So, I proceeded to respond by telling the entire community while walking to my destination, that they can blow me, they arent as smart as a poor oppressed person from Boston, that they are nothing more than a mob. oh, and that they have destroyed the country.

i also mentionrd that a certain Republican presidential hopeful who was govenor during my gs going 24/7 can suck my. .... and that Bush simply cant be assasinated because something that vile wont die.

so..if any of these geniuses have footage or whatever of me being unstable or freaking out, once again i have documented the harassment in that location that triggered my being understandably annoyed and doing something in self defense. a woman alone gets mobbed for years anx worse...Whistleblower Syndrome, how is she supposed to behave? I am just lucky I am not dead.

It was beautiful how one could feel their fear from right inside their homes as I passed by. This increased considerably when i verbalized the idea of getting together a large group of travelers to travel around the USA and terrorize communities like this.

All of these communities are guilty, by thier very compliance with the events of the last ten years. They deserve it...and worse.
Like we cant mob n return?

After a constant tirade the f*cktards stopped showing up and acting stupid. Good tjey are finally learning ITS NOT LIKE DURING BUSH ANYMORE. GO TO HELL.

Geez get this throigh yor thick skulls: peole arent stupid anymore. Gang stalking is all over the internet now and its often believed. The public finally realizes they've been shafted...and they understand that psychological warfare is an intrical part of that.

America sucks now anyway but there are some hold outs left they cant beat down totally amd this very young generation like 20 or so amd under seem very hip to this nonsense.

So J think I made my point tonight. It doesnt matter if I wasted my energy...that is what gamg stalking does. Its unavoidable but at least its documented...so there isnt just video of me acting unstable..As usual like evdry other time I was provoked.