“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The way they turn someone so crazy is by simply harassing the person until they become so crazy no one wants to deal with them and they are left totally isolated. Thus self talk inside ones home slowly progresses into full blown insane seeming behavior in public.

I discovered something tonight, or this morning I should say.

I climbed this huge hill from Peoples Park and was followed overtly by cops (finally) into this area, where as i had not experienced overt gang stalking the entire time I have been here.

Nice houses, frat houses etc.

I noticed that as I climbed this steep hill that I began to be followed by cars in a typical gang stalking fashoin also.

At a much higher altitude, near the ending of this road at top of steep hill, I realized that THERE IS LITTLE TO NO REMOTE INFLUENCE making me crazy.

I also feel healthier, like the air quality is better.

I realize that most of the day and evening in Berekely, there has been active psy ops occuring, but i am so used to it by now and have become accustomed to blocking it out I was only getting bits and pieaces of whats been being said. however, it DID serve to make me feel isolated and thus kept me responding to remote influence makng me crazy mentally and of course my coping by talking to myself in public.

At this height, at this time of night, I could not feel more sane.

I suspext that this entire set up in Berkely is for the convenience of the perps, so they dont have to drive or walk around up here. Once again, within another city in a different location I have experienced thst in person psy ops human forces in unison with tech is used to create a prison like area of space to keep TIs contained. I found my way outside the parameters.