“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Howard Stern Not A Money Grubbing Jew- Just Another Show Biz Nimrod


Various things wrong with this.

Andy Dick shoukdnt be leaning on such easy, predictable insults to go after a person for business or personal reasons. Its counter productive.

Since when can you renig on a legally binding contract simply becuz the show 'sucks' in one mans perception? This is either publicity seeking from both of them or they are both just really hot headed and stupid.

Nice one, Stern intimating that being in show biz, Dick would have to wait for a Jew to give him a job.

Sick of Stern after he lost his soulfulness and real sense of humor in the 90s. The show was actually pretty funny at times then. Except for the over the top displays of sexism, such as the video 'Wild Thing' starring Jessica Haun degrading herself as some sort of penance with now dead Sam Kinison sreaming a whining self pitying version of lyrics to the Troggs famous hit song.

Complete with every wife beating, sexist pick imaginable like Steven Tyler etc assisting in mobbing her . I dont think Bussey was there but who knows?

It was so long ago....funny how nothing much has changed. Except nowadays people have to be stealth about their abusiveness, which is why Dick looks bad, he isnt taking the time and care to hide like everybody else nowadays.