“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harassment Here in north CA

Alot of mention of Boston, idiots walking by me calling me Boston, black males of course, a guy from MA standing right in close contact when there was an entire sidewalk just so i could hear him tell some street kid his name is Boston complete with accent, that of course was before the black kid waltzed past acknowledging me as being called Boston. Last night kids walking by the squat making fun of Boston the location not a person. During day lots of attempts at gs using old tactics that no longer work. So to attempt to stress the TI out, myself that is, a variance of old tactics are used fairly consistently with breaks of time in between.

Some collefe kids here in cafe talking about suicides not being reported, then talking about Boston, then some other obvious reference i forget.

this cafe, the Mediterranean has a very strong remote influence going on, but its a comfortable place to sit and charge phone drink coffee.

Heavy on the Truman Show effect as far as content goes and alot of feeling depressed and going though memories along with brainwashing along lines of how i cant win to trying to continue behavior modification or changing who i am.

its especially bad in back where i usually sit.

So Berekely is not really fun due to being targeted constantly, which I think is the point.

Also recieved multiple pushy 'suggestion' mostly through vision and ideation to leave here and go with my trucker friend today. Like trying to force me out of here.

Almost constant interface, interestingly just like Boston/ Cambridge another old Liberal haven.

The difference felt after approx 12 midnight is amazing. Makes me sad as the place would be so great if I were allowed to expwrience it without interference.

Now annoying kids are discussing Catholicism.

Someone once intimated that alot of what if done to me stems from the Catholic church.

Nice try but MIND WAR was conceptualized by Michael Aquino, a psy ops officer in the Army and Temple Of Set founder and former high priest- a Satanist and Nazi sympathizer, into Nazi occultism and the Pope was a Nazi youth in Germany.

Once again back to thosthat reference again.

All along in this I have to say it does feel like whst is being done is to drive me into Christianity or to go find solace in my family's Catholic faith, one I was never baptized into.

Wby would a Satanic faction or Nazi faction want me to become any kind of Chrisroan at all?

The only possibility is thst way I am controlled as well as its perfect fr ensuring my aggression be handled or controllrd stifled whstever by a belief system.