“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, September 23, 2011

Typical Harassment In A Liberal Blue State: More AfroAmeri Male Perps, More Attempts At Mojo Workin'

There is a very crazy and creepy older black male around Berkeley who insists on sitting in places that make me feel uncomfortable, pointing towards me in an obvious manner. This man exhibits severe mentally ill behavior and is definately seeking attention and stwlking.

I got a picture of him and if anyone can trace him especially if he has a record as a sex offender I would appreciate it.

In Boston I would get black males like this who were just as creepy and aggressive and the few times I did get this kind of overt stalking behavior, they evrntually revealed that they were connected to the gang stalking system. These males usually have criminal records for sex offesnses, which makes them perfect for use by the gang stalking system.

Needless to say this kind of scum gets off on stalking of course.

He did not purchase anything. He came in, sat down and had to turn the chair and table specifically as in the photo to face me and did so very overtly and in a covertly aggressive manner. This is the second time this individual has done this.

Also there was no other outlets to use in the room so moving wasnt an option.

Interestingly as I played with the camera in order to get the flash off etc the light for filming came on a few times.

As it did an interacial couple to my right got very nervous though it was nicely masked by the comment, something about getting out of there to get away from the drama.

They left in a hurry though.

So an interacial couple is in front of me and a creepy black street homebum whos stalked before comes in and sits to my right and faces me in a way that only a stalker could to be offensive to his victim.

This system has been working on my issues with race since the beginning but really pushing it in the last year or so, before that even. As of Obama.

It would be just perfect to discredit me by working on my last nerve this way and if I choose to defend myself naturally I would, and they know that, I will be a racist and drop the N bomb like it was nothing after years of harassment.
And create a racial seperatist if not a supremacist after enough torture.

If not however, if I found such behavior or thought processes distasteful, or feared reprocussion from society disapproving due to they not even understsnding there is a very real culture war if not race war going on as part of the NWO, then the results would be submission to constant African American male harassment and stalking, the results of which would be that I end up with an African American male as a boyfriend etc.

I have posted at other times when this ideation has been pushed using remote influence snd it has, no doubt about it. Using race is an intricate and important part of creating the NWO.

The easiest way to lower my status as well as have me handled is to get me to start having African American males as boyfriends.

This may seem racist but you have to understand this isnt civilian life-this is not peacetime these are not normal circunstances.

Gang stalking is a constant campaign of psychological warfare, military and CIA grade and style, upon a Targeted Individual.

Its only purpose is to NEUTRALIZE THE TARGET. This means that you can trust no one and nothing can be truly taken at face value.

Its not normal to be sexuallly tortured along with pushing a hypnotic suggestion to 'get with a black man'. It is not normal circumstances to be hit with strong ideations consisting of the idea that I, as a white person, shoukd give up my rights and life in order to make life better and share with African Americans. Wouldnt it make more sense for this to occur to a wealthy white or someone with access to resources?

Political correctness and brainwashing pushing race mixing or similar destroys the act of FREE ASSOCIATION among people in society. You are simply creating a different kind of forced, rigid society. June and Ward are still pushed through propaganda as the ideal except Ward is now a black man and June is white or OTHER, whatever media propaganda serves the agenda at that time.

Its still a falsely created reality and that in itself should be suspect.

If I were interested in this type of ethnic male, I would have had a long history of African American boyfriends, if that were my taste, by nature, it would have been exhibited by now.

I dont need psy ops or brain washing to dictate to me my taste in men. I am forty years old, I know quite well what I find attractive and though African American males are often allies as associates in society, or there is an amount of sympatico in dealing with purely WASP societies at times, they are not my taste in mates.
Niether are alot of other kinds of males though often beautiful to look at, they do not appeal to me as breeding materials. Though I wont have children in my lifetime, this is where my judgement comes from in choice of mate.

There has also been alot of non sense with other kinds of ploys lately, some of which seem very geared towards making me comfortable or completely accepting of blacks specifically males.
I know these are ploys becuz of the way its done. And believe me, I know damn well that blacks have great acting skills, fancy themselves predators and believe themselves to often be smarter than whites and certainly that a mind control victim like myself to be easily controlled and fooled.

They often treat me like a mere child.

The way blacks do battle with people of European heritage often shows its painfully obvious we did NOT grow and evolve together in the same geographical location, save for whatever European DNA African Americans may posess.

Mind you when dealing with African American agents of the 'gang stalking' system in psychological warfare or as criminals working for an organized syndacate, take into consideration always the true nature of the African American or any kind of Afro plus cultural backround. Consider that they may posess anything from European DNA to Native American to having Jewish heritage even.

Know thy enemy.

For TIs this is not racism....let the rest of the world think that if necessary. This is psychological warfare or dealing with criminals, both of which look for a Target's weaknesses and how best to manipulate the person. This is not normal life.

If it were, complete strangers wouldnt be coming up to you knowing intimate details about your life that could only be gotten from an intelligence report from an entity with unlimited access.

This is NOT normal life.

Gang stalking perps are often child molesters, multiple felons or complete lunatics or sadists. They are always people who are capable of the greatest hatred, jealousy, and pettiness. They always have great disregard for the Target's safety and even if we live or die. In short, gang stalking perps are usually extremely sick or damaged people who are extremely dangerous by normal standards.
Unless they are people who are still fairly sane with some idea of normalcy, who for whatever reason, have been forced into compliance. Usually these types show a healthy amount of guilt, shame, remorse or fear concerning the situation and how abused the TI is.

So due to the extremity of the situation, what seems to outsiders like racism might well be healthy self defense.