“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, September 23, 2011

Public's Acceptance Of Gang Stalking..or Just More Psy Ops?

I keep recalling all the things that have been said to me over the course of this. Members of the American public saying things like "well your life is so miserable anyway" or "She has no rights" or pointing me out and telling the person next to them "see now shes targeted".

These do not all appear to be psy ops agents or criminals or greedy, crazed f*cked up crooked cops. These often appear to be normal, random people.

The greatest question asked by all TIs is just how many people know one is targeted and exactly how is it that they know?

Its horrible to percieve that our society is now so completely corrupted that random members of the public would know who we are. Its insane.
What seems to be percieved by them as total lawlessness and crime or gang activity is usually the kind of actions that come handed down from high places with much legal ass covering well planned ahead and designed to accomplish just that.
Using guises like 'national security' seems to work. Outsourcing to private black ops companies in the private sector is another possible method.

Simple black ops from state actors may also suffice. I have read that certain projects are so black that if the president inquired about them, the standard answer would be 'No such project exists, sir'. Either those choices or we have a very big problem in this country now with organized crime having access to technologies they should not be allowed access to by any government.

Gang and organized crime involvement should be no surprise after the evidence left behind by Iran Contra. Obviously our intelligence agency, which dedcribes itself on its website as seperate and private from other state actors, has a dept that consistently involves itself in things that are unsavory and often seem clinically insane to normal, decent people.

Things like Jim Jones and Jonestown, Iran Contra...etc.

There are probably many other sources of power and activity that are hidden from the public thus trying to figure out who exactly is responsible is naive and crazy making.

One thing is certain; they break laws, domestic ones concerning human and civil rights abuses and international laws concerning war crimes and they dont get caught or exposed, they never get pay for what rhey do to people either through the proper channels of the justice system or via any outside methods. They are above the law and below the radar.

To actually have a large segment of the American public knowing that a human being is a targeted individual and they not doing anything to counter that, stop it or even being outraged by that situation shows how very weak and powerless the American people can be in the face of oppression and illegal actions such as these. It also shows what mass mind control can do to an entire nation once implemented....